Barco adds Genetec’s Security Center |

Barco adds Genetec’s Security Center

September 12, 2013 - Barco adds Genetec’s Security Cente which blends IP security streams from its Omnicast Video Management, Synergis Access Control and AutoVu License Plate Recognition modules into a single intuitive interface, providing a comprehensive solution for visually managing and addressing incidents and events. The CMS (Control room Management Suite) plugin provided by Genetec integrates with Barco CMS-200 software to enable simultaneous display of video and security events on Barco video walls or any Barco CMS-powered display, helping operators identify and quickly respond to security threats.

The Genetec Security Center software (v5.2) interfaces with the Barco CMS environment through a Security Desk task, a feature of Security Center, called a CMS Task. This represents a dedicated “Barco workspace” and hosts the list of the CMS Displays (multiple Barco displays), Perspectives and Sources, a perspective being a grouping of (any type of) sources providing situational awareness. The operator can preview the particular perspective prior to launching it on the display wall, as well as edit the perspective on the fly, to easily tune the common operational picture on the video wall based on current events. Installation and integration time is minimized through easy set-up and automated database synchronization without any need for additional training.

With the Genetec Security Center, operators can manage common operational pictures on the Barco CMS-powered displays to achieve the ultimate in visual collaboration and boost situational awareness. The Genetec Security Center system takes full advantage of Barco’s TransForm N architecture underneath the CMS, optimizing the usage of large video wall pixel spaces in the most flexible way, as well as distributing IP security cameras via AV-over-IP signals over a large amount of displays. For example, within the trusted platform of the security operator, data that has typically been external to the security system can now be easily visually integrated, managed and escalated without the need for custom integration.


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