Baumüller Introduces b maXX Servo Drive/Controller Solutions |

Baumüller Introduces b maXX Servo Drive/Controller Solutions

October 272005
Baumüller Introduces b maXX Servo Drive/Controller Solutions
Nuernberg. Modern machines place high demands on the ability to meet future needs, flexible expansion capability and simple adaptation to modified production processes. The drive solutions in the b maXX generations 2000, 3000 and 4000 meet these requirements with a modular, scaleable and open configuration.

The modular design of b maXX makes it possible to configure the drive system to suit specific requirements. Using plug-in modules, the user can add new functions to the controller as required – for example new control functions or additional interfaces. Due to the standardised platform, the drive can be straightforwardly adapted in hardware and software to suit requirements at any time. In addition, b maXX provides access to the numerous bus systems in use in automation: the fieldbuses EtherCAT, CANopen, CANsync, PROFIBUS-DP and Sercos are supported. The parameters in all the controllers in the b maxx series are set using WinBASS II.

The b maXX 4000 is a modular servo controller that, depending on requirements – from simple speed controls to highly synchronous multiple axis applications – can be simply, quickly and flexibly expanded using plug-in boards. The performance of the range of functions available in the drive controller b maXX can be scaled to suit modified requirements. b maXX 4000 is suitable for complete automation solutions in almost all sectors of industry.

For the small power range below 3 kW, the b maXX 3000 servo converter has integrated position control. Thanks to the integrated braking resistor and mains filter, this generation has a compact and space-saving design. On operation together with the DSD 28-36 servomotors, as well as with pancake motors and linear motors, the speed of the application is increased and, as a result the production of machines and systems increased, particularly in the packaging and textile industries, in small robotics applications and in the handling sector.

The b maXX 2000 is particularly suitable for the power range below 1 kW. Whether in the switch cabinet or in motors in the DSD 28-36 series: there is room for this small servo controller almost everywhere; the unit is also particularly easy to maintain.

Baumüller is also expanding this range of products with a modular control system: this system comprises the drive PLC, b maXX-drivePLC, the stand-alone PLC, b maXX-controllerPLC as well as the PC-based variant, b maXX-softPLC. Depending on the requirement and application, the b maXX series is used in de-central, central and hybrid control architectures. The standardised programming using Proprog wt II in accordance with the standard IEC 61131 ensures full software compatibility across all three control concepts. The programming is independent of the architecture and the concept used in the machine or system. All five languages in IEC 61131 can be used. Identical engineering tools are available for the three different controllers, for instance fieldbus or drive configuration tools, such that the change from one platform to another only involves a change in the resources. All three controllers are fully integrated into the automation structure using an OPC server.

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