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B&B Electronics Passes NEMA TS2 for Transportation

B&B Electronics Passes NEMA TS2 for Transportation

August 29, 2013 – B&B Electronics Manufacturing announced that a broad range of its M2M connectivity and data communications equipment has passed the NEMA TS2 standard environmental requirements, making them safe and reliable for use in Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) networks. A standard for traffic control assemblies, such as traffic lights, emergency road condition signs and walk/don't walk signs, the NEMA TS2 is designed for manufacturers to meet or exceed a minimum set of environmental requirements, including a -34 to 74°C temperature range with 18 to 95% humidity over the range, and the ability to withstand 0.5g @ 5 to 30Hz vibration, and 10g's of shock.

B&B Electronics’ NEMA TS2-compliant M2M products include Ethernet Switches, Fiber Media Converters, Serial Isolators, Ethernet Extenders, Ethernet Routers and Wireless communications equipment.

Integrators, engineering firms and other ITS network designers are challenged to install and maintain infrastructures that enable communication across a broad mix of equipment and communications technologies.  For instance, traffic controllers may have serial interfaces while digital signs, access points or IP cameras communicate via Ethernet.  Other network design challenges are physical, such as availability of communications cables, implications of copper vs. fiber cables, and whether wireless is an option.

“Our network engineers are increasingly being called in to consult on difficult projects to achieve connectivity across a mix of equipment and communications technologies, such as in ITS networks, where devices are being deployed in increasingly challenging environments, and where network boundaries are being relentlessly stretched to reach them,” said Sean Harrigan, CEO of B&B Electronics. B&B’s products cover traffic control cabinet applications in traffic control signals, digital signage, roadside radar, video surveillance, toll booths and intelligent parking systems.

About B&B Electronics:
Founded in 1981, B&B Electronics Manufacturing Co., Inc. provides M2M connectivity solutions for wireless and wired networks based on serial, Ethernet, wireless and USB communication technologies. Specializing in connectivity out at the “edge” of networks in remote, harsh and uncontrolled environments, the company is known globally for its easy to use, rugged and reliable device networking products, as well as for its knowledgeable technical support and responsive customer service.

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