Belden phases out X-Mark line of cable management products |

Belden phases out X-Mark line of cable management products

The highly popular X-Mark line of cabinets, enclosures, racks and accessories for manufacturing facilities and IT environments will now be sold under the Belden brand.

November 13, 2006 - RICHMOND, IN - Belden announces that effective immediately, the company is phasing out its X-Mark branded line of cable management products. Going forward, the comprehensive X-Mark line of free-standing and wall-mount metal enclosures, racks, hardware and accessories will be marketed and sold as Belden Cable Management Solutions. This move supports Belden's vision to become the premier provider of end-to-end signal transmission solutions.

According to Peter Sheehan, President of Belden - Americas, the rebranding of X-Mark products, which have been part of the CDT family for the past decade, is part of Belden's ongoing strategy to unify its entire portfolio of signal transmission products under the Belden brand. "We want to assure customers loyal to our X-Mark products that the rebranding of the line will not change the essential nature of our technologically advanced products and services," Sheehan states. "Product quality and excellence of service continue to be our top priorities. What this will do is provide our customers with a convenient single source for all of their cabling needs, as well as their cable management requirements."

Sheehan continues: "We expect that the synergy created by X-Mark's metal transformation expertise and Belden's long-standing cabling design expertise

will enable our development of even more feature-rich cable management products aimed at the various market segments we serve - including networking, A/V, broadcast, industrial and security." In addition, acceptance of the Cable Management line by Belden's distributors will enable wider-scale distribution of X-Mark's family of products.

With manufacturing facilities in Washington, Pennsylvania, X-Mark has long been a leader in the production of free-standing and wall-mount metal enclosures, racks and accessories used to house digital control systems in a variety of manufacturing facilities and information management environments worldwide. This initiative also signifies an organizational change, in which X-Mark will be moving from the Belden Specialty Division and reporting to the Belden Americas Division.

New Sales and Customer Service Information
To facilitate the transition, Belden is communicating the following sales and customer information to existing Belden and X-Mark customers:

  • The entire sales organization will now be unified under Belden, resulting in a direct sales force of 120+ representatives, and a comprehensive network of authorized Belden distributors.
  • Belden customers will be able to order Cable Management products from their Belden customer service representative.
  • X-Mark customers may continue to work with their existing customer service representatives.

    About Belden
    Belden is a leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of signal transmission solutions for data networking and a wide range of specialty electronics marketing including entertainment, industrial, security and aerospace applications. Belden has manufacturing facilities in North America and Europe as well as distribution centers in the U.S., Canada, Singapore, Australia and The Netherlands. A majority of Belden's manufacturing, engineering and support functions are registered to the International Organization for Standardization.
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