Bosch Rexroth Sales Growth Continues in 2005 |

Bosch Rexroth Sales Growth Continues in 2005

Bosch Rexroth Sales Growth Continues in 2005
Lohr, Germany – Bosch Rexroth AG, parent company of Bosch Rexroth (Hoffman Estates, IL), increased sales in 2005 by 12.6 percent to approximately $5.7 billion (4.6 billion Euros). The company achieved this growth in all technology fields and in all regions

By creating new jobs and promoting the training of technical specialists and managers worldwide, the drive and control specialist has increased sales growth for the third straight period.

“Since 2002 Bosch Rexroth sales have grown by more than $1.12 billion”, emphasized Manfred Grundke, President of the Executive Board of Bosch Rexroth AG. Under the brand name of Rexroth, the company offers all drive and control technologies on a specialized and integrated basis. In 2005, the company, which is part of the Bosch Group, increased sales by 12.6 percent to approximately $5.7 billion. The Bosch Rexroth revenue growth rate was particularly strong in the U.S. at 23 percent compared with the preceding year.

Continuing to Expand
In 2005 Bosch Rexroth built additional production facilities in Central and Eastern Europe, Asia, as well as North and South America, in order to meet the increasing demand for electric drives and controls, hydraulics, pneumatics and linear and motion technology. In addition, Bosch Rexroth AG invested heavily in 2005, plowing $240 million into research and development. “We are working on application-oriented solutions that our customers can implement directly in series production and new technologies to extend current technological boundaries”, stated Manfred Grundke.

Positive Outlook for 2006
The company spent a total of $322 million in capital investments and increased the number of employees worldwide to 28,257. For 2006 the company is anticipating further growth in sales. The number of orders booked in the first two months of 2006 has exceeded the comparable figures for the preceding year. “Bosch Rexroth is prepared for the challenges of a globalized economy. With innovative products, know-how and our worldwide position, we want to sustain our growth in 2006”, said Manfred Grundke.

Bosch Rexroth AG, part of the Bosch Group, achieved sales of approximately $5.7 billion (4.6 billion Euro) in 2005 with over 28,200 employees. Under the brand name of Rexroth the company offers all drive and control technologies, from mechanics, hydraulics and pneumatics to electronics and associated service. Over 500,000 customers worldwide utilize Rexroth’s unique technological know-how to implement their innovative and future-oriented systems and machine concepts. The global player, represented in over 80 countries, is an extensive supplier of components and systems for industrial and factory automation and mobile applications.
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