Bristol Babcock Announces PocketBSI version 1.1 |

Bristol Babcock Announces PocketBSI version 1.1

Watertown, CT, February 20, 2003 - Bristol Babcock has released a portable handheld version of the OpenBSI communication interface and utilities, providing full on-line access to all ControlWave, Network 3000 and TeleProduct lines. PocketBSI is designed to operate on ARM based Pocket PCs running OS 2000. Bristol Babcock also offers the software pre-installed on the popular Compaq iPAQ and includes a communication cable and backup flash card for a complete integrated solution.

PocketBSI allows technicians and engineers to access real-time variable information through a set of pre-configured displays. Configurable parameters can be modified to change setpoints and ranges, open and close valves, etc. Alarms can be viewed and acknowledged, and historical data can be viewed and collected. The collected historical files can be hot-synced to a PC for analysis and reports. The Pocket PC can also store and download RTU/controller application programs and perform hardware diagnostics. All on-line operations are available with appropriate password permission. This full set of utilities means the technicians can perform virtually all functions on a cost effective PDA that previously required a notebook PC.

PocketBSI can communicate to the RTU/controller via direct RS 232
connection, through Ethernet, via IP access point radio and CDPD wireless networks. Technicians can access the system from anywhere within the plant or facility.

Bristol Babcock is a worldwide leader in the supply and commissioning of products, services, and engineered systems to the oil, gas, process control, power, water, and wastewater industries. Bristol Babcock Inc. is a member of the Energy Technology Group of FKI plc, headquartered in Loughborough, England.

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