Bristol Babcock Announces the 3808 MVT Multivariable Smart Transmitter |

Bristol Babcock Announces the 3808 MVT Multivariable Smart Transmitter

October 172003
Watertown, CT, October 16, 2003 Bristol Babcock announces availability of the 3808 MVT multivariable, smart transmitter. Featuring extremely low power consumption, the 3808 MVT provides network communication as well as very accurate measurement of differential pressure, static pressure and process temperature.

The 3808 MVT has been designed with remote site management in mind. Installations such as well sites and natural gas metering stations often use battery and solar power systems. The low current draw of the 3808 MVT, less than 2 mA in most applications, translates to considerable savings in purchase costs of those power systems.

Remote sites also add a level of complexity to installation and start-up. Consolidating the functions of several instruments into one not only results in significant savings in purchase cost but also eases logistics and saves on installation costs.

Other key 3808 MVT features and benefits are:

- Industry best measurement of all three variables, 0.075% reference accuracy

- Two-wire networking simplifies wiring

- Bilingual communication using both BSAP and Modbus protocols is compatible with practically all controllers, RTU products and SCADA systems

- Calibration and configuration are performed via web pagesno proprietary hand held terminals or PC software are necessary

- Operates in hazardous areas with both explosion proof and intrinsically safe systems

Complete information regarding the 3808 MVT is available on Bristol Babcocks web site (

The 3808 MVT extends the 115-year, Bristol heritage of technology leadership in measurement with a new level of performance and productivity. Users of Network 3000 and 3508 transmitters will value Bristol Babcocks evolution of their installed base via new measurement technology as well as the new, ControlWave hybrid controller technology. New customers will appreciate the advanced performance and value delivered by Bristol Babcock. Bristol Babcock is committed to delivering superior life-cycle economics for control systems and SCADA systems, today and tomorrow.

Bristol Babcock is a worldwide leader in the supply and commissioning of products, services, and engineered systems to the oil, gas, water, wastewater, process control and power, industries. Bristol Babcock Inc. is a member of the Energy Technology Group of FKI plc, headquartered in Loughborough, England.

Bristol Babcock Inc.
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