Bristol Babcock User Groups Planned for 2006 in Various U.S. Locations |

Bristol Babcock User Groups Planned for 2006 in Various U.S. Locations

Watertown, CT, March 16, 2006 … Bristol Babcock is pleased to announce an expanded User Group program for 2006.

From the early years of William H. Bristol’s Bristol Company to Bristol Babcock Inc, we have built our business on the customer satisfaction that results from innovation and excellent service and support. We are thrilled to share with you our new, expanded User Group program. This program leverages the key elements of our Northern regional user group meeting that has caused it to grow to over 100 attendees per year. The many years of experience and responses from customers has helped us to shape it into meaningful informational day-and-a-half workshop event.

This year, we have adapted this model and created additional events in East Chicago, Houston and Las Vegas. All four events are open to any Bristol Babcock product users or engineers who specify or design systems using our products.

Bristol Babcock is a worldwide leader in the supply and commissioning of products, services, and engineered systems to the oil, gas, process control, power, water, and wastewater industries. Bristol Babcock Inc. is a member of the Energy Technology Group of FKI plc, headquartered in Loughborough, England.
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