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CADATA--dwgBase V2.0 Provides Proven Capabilities and Stability

March 172010
CADATA Consulting Ltd. of Calgary, Alberta is pleased to announce that it has released dwgBase V2.0. After 20 months on the market and many satisfied users dwgBase has earned V2.0 status.

With CAD drawings, what you SEE is only the tip of the iceberg! CADATA Consulting Ltd. believes that dwgBase provides unsurpassed value in accessing dwg/dxf data and opens the information contained in a drawing for access by anyone! Engineers, technicians, facilities managers, maintenance managers, safety inspectors, purchasing, and so on, can access the information in a drawing as if the drawing was a database - without a CAD license! You can reduce omission and data rekeying errors and have more confidence in decisions with digital precision! There is a free trial download and tutorials at

How much money are you losing by just LOOKING at your drawings?

NEW CONCEPT: All the visual features of a drawing are permanently stored IN the drawing file and become part of the content. In the field, the dashed lines may be high-pressure hoses, electrical conduit or virtually anything. In many cases the symbology represents real (existing or proposed) fittings, connections, pumps, joists, walls, centerlines, .... In effect a drawing can be a virtual model. dwgBase searches these features and content over multiple drawings/models and reports the information you want - for database like reporting.

dwgBase turns your drawings into searchable real-world databases!

You may want to create a parts catalog or database, a BOM (Bill of Materials), create a search list and markups for inventory control, create location maps of fire extinguishers, find all sections of conduit that are exactly 43" long, find all the high pressure hose, fittings, set up a pin-out database, create a text index of your drawings, set up a document database, extract GIS data, .... dwgBase is the tool for you!

In one inexpensive (no CAD license required) package, dwgBase provides industry leading solutions for block/attribute extraction, mini-document management, text value / pattern searching / extraction, database creation, connection and linking capabilities, xref/image management and more. And the easy to use searching and reporting templates can provide phenomenal functionality without expensive custom programming! Whether your tasks are basic or advanced, dwgBase is the tool for you!

There is a free trial download and tutorials at

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