Carlo Gavazzi Introduces New Color Recognition Sensor |

Carlo Gavazzi Introduces New Color Recognition Sensor

March 182005
Carlo Gavazzi Introduces New Color Recognition Sensor
March 18, 2005 - Buffalo Grove, IL - Carlo Gavazzi Inc. has released a fiber optic based true color recognition sensor with advanced features, including a microprocessor-controlled amplifier that uses a complex algorithm to store and analyze up to four separate colors. Using a simple teach-in process, the PD12 employs an RGB (Red, Green, Blue) principle to accurately measure color, and distinguish between even the subtlest shades of similar colors. Up to four colors can be stored in the amplifier’s memory, and each color has an independent output, with a built-in timer that allows for delays up to 5 seconds.

A built-in filter function makes it possible to eliminate false readings due to blurred color print. Both NPN and PNP outputs are present in each amplifier, and outputs are fully selectable. One channel and four channel amplifiers are available. Multiple fiber optic heads give the flexibility to choose the right sensor for each application. Sensing ranges are from 2mm to 60mm, depending upon the fiber selected. Each fiber optic sensor comes with one meter of cable.

List prices start at $990 for the amplifier and $200 for the fiber optic heads.

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