Cisco, RedPrairie, Intermec and Cascade Create RFID Forklift of the Future |

Cisco, RedPrairie, Intermec and Cascade Create RFID Forklift of the Future

February 282006
EVERETT, Wash., Feb. 28, 2006 - Imagine a mobile RFID system capable of providing powerful real-time location information and RFID tracking capabilities throughout the real-world environment of a warehouse. That's the vision of Cisco Systems and RedPrairie, who have joined Intermec Inc. and Cascade Corp., the world's largest manufacturer of forklift attachments, to create a concept for a forklift that will build RFID and real-time location capabilities right into the equipment of the future.

A concept forklift incorporating these ideas is on display this week at RFID World in Dallas, Texas. The forklift features Cisco's Wireless Location Appliance and RedPrarie's open Mobile Resource Management software integrated with the forklift RFID reading system developed by Intermec and Cascade. With the complete system, drivers can conveniently read and encode RFID tags without leaving the vehicle, and managers can get real-time data on vehicle locations and activity that can be used to manage labor and assets more efficiently.

As one of the advanced services elements of the Cisco Unified Wireless Network, the Cisco Wireless Location Appliance provides location tracking for devices on a Cisco 802.11 wireless network. With the RedPrairie software, it can be used to provide the X, Y coordinates of an RFID-enabled forklift, report movements, monitor dwell time and collect other data useful for security, employee performance auditing, maintenance and asset management applications.

RedPrarie's Mobile Resource Management software complements the Wireless Location Appliance by providing advanced data processing and interface capabilities. It can be used with legacy software systems, including leading warehouse management, yard management, labor planning and asset management applications. The software provides new layers of information about picking and put away processes, workforce performance management and asset utilization that can be used to optimize processes and facilities.

The complete system provides the ruggedness, reliability and reading performance that forklift drivers need to use RFID conveniently, and gives management the ability to deploy resources efficiently. Each part of the system was developed and integrated specifically to meet the physical and wireless challenges found in industrial environments.

Forklifts envisioned by the group incorporate powerful dashboard computers positioned for maximum safety and efficiency, easy-to-reach RFID controls assimilated into the lift's control mechanisms, wireless real-time location tracking and navigational LEDs for optimal routing, and easy-to-adjust RFID readers designed into the frame of forklift attachments for flexible and accurate use with a wide range of goods and supplies. The concept system, designed specifically for the rugged environment of daily warehouse use, also engineers in a sophisticated cable management system, state-of-the-art wireless scanning capabilities and a built-in camera for cargo documentation.

About Intermec
Intermec Inc. (NYSE:IN) develops, manufactures and integrates technologies that identify, track and manage supply chain assets. Core technologies include RFID, mobile computing and data collection systems, bar code printers and label media. The company's products and services are used by customers in many industries worldwide to improve the productivity, quality and responsiveness of business operations. For more information about Intermec, visit or call 800-347-2636.

About RedPrairie
For more than 30 years RedPrairie has enabled leading global companies to create competitive advantage through supply chain excellence. RedPrairie's comprehensive technology solutions provide rapid and sustainable return on investment by optimizing the performance of people, places and processes. RedPrairie's industry differentiator is its Extended Supply Chain Execution (eSCE(TM)) suite, which uniquely provides end-to-end resource optimization, from the start of the manufacturing process through the entire distribution chain, including the presentation to the consumer. For additional information, call 877-733-7724 or access

About Cascade
Cascade Corporation (NYSE: CAE) is the global leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of materials handling equipment and related technologies. Cascade's advanced damage reduction technology, short lead times, flexible manufacturing, and quality products, strengthens its position as the premier supplier to the material handling industry. For more information, visit

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