Citect Delivers P2B Production Analysis Module |

Citect Delivers P2B Production Analysis Module

September 112003
Responding to growing industry demand for improved industrial process measurement (IPM) solutions, Citect is pleased to announce the release of its Plant-to-Business P2B Production analysis module as part of its overall industrial information management (IIM) initiatives. P2B Production provides automatic capture of production values, thus progressively minimizing time, errors and cost normally associated with manual and duplicate data entry. P2B Production data is aggregated to summarize information with full drill-down capabilities for detailed analysis providing a far more accurate window into production. Business managers can now reliably report on key performance indices (KPI) such as raw feed inputs, production or batch consumables, output and waste, we well as mass balance.

"The task of getting real-time Production information is part of the biggest barrier today for most customers in connecting to their plant systems” says Gary Hopkins, President Citect America.

“Customers have a mix of legacy HMI systems, manual input and automated systems they continue to struggle connecting to a single point of collection. Citect's IIM Production module provides for that single point of collection. As most customers begin to understand the importance of Production information they are naturally focused on how to connect and collect their systems. Citect's Production module allows customer to take that first step."

About Citect’s Industrial Information Management (IIM) Analysis Modules

To continually and substantially improve business performance, successful companies in the manufacturing segments need to deploy modular solutions providing fast, incremental and most importantly measurable business improvements. Implementation of a modular approach ensures extensibility of the system and investment, thus maintaining a long-term vision of an integrated architecture. Citect’s IIM solutions are designed to be deployed as a modular approach whereby each module delivers those benefits to aid in improving each business need independently. Each module has been developed with a focus for returning a measurable ROI to keys area of the business including Production, Quality, Downtime, Metrics and Tracking.

When combined, the modules form a fully integrated diagnostics system, providing desktop access to plant wide KPI and OEE information from all facets of the production environment.

About Citect

Citect is a worldwide leader in industrial automation and information management. The CitectHMI/SCADA and Plant2Business software families are complemented by our professional services engineering group, customer support and training. These solutions are enhanced by strong partner programs and are sold in numerous industries, including water and waste water, facilities monitoring, gas pipelines, mining, dairy, food processing, pharmaceuticals and power distribution. Citect is headquartered in Sydney Australia, has offices in Australia, USA, Europe, China and Africa, and its products are distributed in more than 40 countries worldwide.

Gary Hopkins
President, Americas
30000 Mill Creek Avenue
Alpharetta, GA 30022
Tel: 770.521.7511
Fax: 770.521.7512

Maureen Cole
Manager, Marketing and Inside Sales
30000 Mill Creek Avenue
Alpharetta, GA 30022
Tel: 770.521.7511
Fax: 770.521.7512
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