Citect Introduces Switch2Citect Product Allowing Upgrade of Legacy SCADA Systems |

Citect Introduces Switch2Citect Product Allowing Upgrade of Legacy SCADA Systems

August 172005
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Switch2Citect Confirmed as Simple, Cost-Effective Solution for Upgrading Legacy SCADA Systems

Sydney, Australia – Citect, one of the world’s largest, independent real-time intelligence software companies, is pleased to report beta testing of its new Switch2Citect product, which commenced in July, has been met with great enthusiasm. Blue chip companies including a leading, global PC manufacturer and mining company, as well as System Integrators have switched to CitectSCADA from Intellution, FactoryLink and Wonderware SCADA systems, with positive results such as a 66% reduction in time and cost of a typical conversion.

“Switch2Citect provides a simple and easy solution for upgrading legacy control systems”, said Tuska Pál, Managing Director of leading Hungarian System Integrator, Szoft Duó Ltd.

“The benefit to us as a system integrator is the large reduction in time and cost in implementing a new control system. By using Switch2Citect style sheets, we can reduce engineering of a typical conversion by two-thirds”.

“The benefit to the customer, in addition to the reduced cost for the total conversion, is that it minimises operator re-training, provides greater functionality and is easier to use and enhance in the future”, continued Mr. Pál.

“Many customers’ SCADA systems are becoming outdated and costly to maintain, and may not run on the latest Microsoft operating systems or worse, only run on unsupported operating systems”, said Stephen Flannigan, General Manager, Global SCADA. “Some vendors are just not providing a seamless upgrade path, but with Switch2Citect, customers can now convert legacy systems to CitectSCADA at a fraction of the price, and obtain better functionality that is easier and cheaper to maintain”.

Switch2Citect is a conversion tool for SCADA customers that allows them to upgrade from one or multiple legacy systems to the world-class CitectSCADA with minimal configuration costs, time and effort. Switch2Citect provides upgrades from InTouch, Fix32, iFix, FactoryLink and the company will announce plans to release more upgrade paths in September.

To protect customer investment, Citect continues to provide simple automated upgrades to the latest CitectSCADA releases.

Switch2Citect launches globally in September.

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