Citect Unveils Ampla as New Name for its Suite of MES Solutions, at Oceania User Conference |

Citect Unveils Ampla as New Name for its Suite of MES Solutions, at Oceania User Conference

September 192005
Sydney, Australia - Citect, one of the world's largest, independent real-time intelligence software companies, today unveiled Ampla to 150 customers at its Oceania User Conference in Sydney. Ampla replaces CitectIIM as the name for Citect's suite of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). Under the rebranding, the brand name and aesthetics change. There are no functional changes to the product.

General Manager of Ampla, Colette Munro explained, "Our customers were having difficulty pronouncing and recalling what IIM stood for. Industrial Information Management, (IIM) had been our name for the market space, but analysts and customers have since converged on MES as the standard, so the name has become redundant. Derived from the Latin word Amplio, Ampla means to improve or increase. This reflects what the product does and is easier to pronounce and remember", she said.

Ampla is a high-quality, scalable suite of MES solutions, delivering real-time access to aggregated plant and business intelligence, allowing key personnel to analyze and act on opportunities to refine the workflow, maximize overall equipment effectiveness, and to correct problems before they impact the business. The product was launched as CitectIIM in 2003 and has been implemented by a wide range of blue chip customers to improve plant performance. Sales continue to grow at a triple digit rate annually, as it enters the broader market acceptance stage.

CEO, Richard Webb commented, “Customers are looking for the next generation of business improvement systems and Ampla fills that gap by delivering real-time business intelligence for prioritized decision-making. With Ampla, Citect is well positioned to leverage its strong installed SCADA customer base world-wide, and to exploit these emerging trends”.

Momentum around the MES market continues to grow with Control Engineering Magazine announcing in June, 2005 that the market size has surpassed the US$1.0 billion mark and is continuing to grow at double digit levels annually.

About Citect
Citect is the leading, independent global provider of industrial automation, real-time intelligence, and next generation manufacturing execution systems (MES). Leveraging open technologies, CitectHMI/SCADA and Ampla connect to multiple plant and business systems. Our products are complemented by professional services, customer support and training, and sold in numerous industries including mining, metals, food and beverage, manufacturing, facilities, water, gas pipelines, power distribution and pharmaceuticals. Citect is headquartered in Sydney Australia, has 19 offices in Oceania, South-East Asia, China and Japan, North and South America, Europe, Africa and the Middle-East, and its products are distributed in more than 50 countries worldwide. Please visit for further information.

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