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Citel, Inc--DIN Rail Surge Protectors

March 172010
Citel, Inc--DIN Rail Surge Protectors
Citel is proud to introduce a complete line of DIN Rail surge suppressors for AC power lines, telephone and data circuits. They will protect your PLCs, RTUs, SCADA, DCS ...etc. against lightning surges and electrical transients.

They automatically reset after every strike. Citel AC DIN Rail protectors are available for 110 VAC, 220 VAC and 480 VAC applications. They come with LED control lights showing the proper functioning of the surge protector. They comply with ANSI C62.41 norm.

Citel DL180 series protect telephone and data lines. They come in many voltages to adequately protect 4-20 mA loops, leased lines, RS485, RS422, RS423, RS232, T1/E1 lines, ISDN ...etc. Citel data line surge suppressors use a heavy duty multistage design which is maintenance free.

Finally, all Citel protectors are available for DIN Rail, but also for standard panel or backboard mount.

For more information contact Fabrice Larmier by telephone (305)621-0022, by fax (305)621-0766, by e-mail [email protected] or by mail 1515 NW 167th Street, Suite #5-223, Miami, FL 33169.
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