CoDeSys Automation Alliance up to 100 members |

CoDeSys Automation Alliance up to 100 members

November 1, 2009: The CoDeSys Automation Alliance proudly welcomes its 100th member: EleSy company.

18 device manufacturers joined together to found the CoDeSys Automation Alliance (CAA) under the aegis of 3S-Smart Software Solutions in August 2000. The joint goal of the Alliance members was to offer the end user an extensive pool of compatible hardware components all programmable with CoDeSys, the leading IEC 61131-3 programming tool from 3S-Smart Software Solutions.

The concept proved to be successful and the number of members increased continuously. 3S-Smart Software Solutions and the Alliance now proudly welcome the 100th member, the company EleSy from Tomsk in Russia, a manufacturer of control systems in the energy field.

With several joint fair booths throughout the year, a special CAA website and an annually updated product flyer, the CoDeSys Automation Alliance has established a strong market presence. “Our current flyer lists far over 500 compatible products programmable with CoDeSys from 100 well-known manufacturers from around the world. This gives our customers a powerful alternative to the devices of full-range suppliers”, says Roland Wagner, Marketing Manager at 3S-Smart Software Solutions. And this “alternative“ is continually gaining market ground in Europe and, increasingly, around the world.

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