Cognex Announces Free Trial Software for Checker Sensor |

Cognex Announces Free Trial Software for Checker Sensor

June 212005
Cognex Announces Free Trial Software for Checker Sensor
Natick, MA, June 21, 2005-Cognex Corporation (NASDAQ - CGNX), the
world's leading supplier of machine vision systems, today
announced the availability of free CheckerTM trial software that
can be downloaded with the latest Checker version 1.3 release.
The trial software lets anyone experience the power and
simplicity of Checker.

Checker is a simple-to-use and inexpensive sensor that can detect
the presence of parts and part features, and recognize patterns.
Checker eliminates the wiring and mounting complexity of multiple
photoelectric sensors. Additionally, Checker does not require the
precise part fixturing or positioning that photoelectric sensors
require. Checker's all-in-one, IP67 design is suitable for all
industrial environments. Users simply power up the unit, connect
the USB cable to a PC, and follow a simple setup procedure to be
up and running in minutes.

In addition to the trial software, the latest Checker release
features many product enhancements. Checker now allows for
offline setup, without a Checker attached to the PC. Users can
record high-speed video from their production lines, and then set
up a Checker job without ever having to stop the line. Checker
can also switch between 16 different sensor setups on the fly for
automatic line changeovers. New "Train and Go" capability lets
Checker learn new features to detect without having to connect to
a PC. And Checker now works on very large parts.

Download Checker version 1.3 at and
see for yourself why manufacturers are rapidly adopting Checker
in a wide range of automotive, consumer products, food, beverage,
general production and assembly applications.

Cognex Corporation designs, develops, manufactures, and markets
machine vision systems and machine vision sensors, or computers
that can "see." Cognex is the world's leader in the machine
vision industry, having shipped more than 250,000 vision systems,
representing over $1.8 billion in cumulative revenue, since the
company's founding in 1981. Cognex's Modular Vision Systems
Division, headquartered in Natick, Massachusetts, specializes in
machine vision systems which are used for automating the
manufacture of a wide range of discrete items and for assuring
their quality. Cognex's Surface Inspection Systems Division,
headquartered in Alameda, California, specializes in machine
vision systems which are used for inspecting the surfaces of
products manufactured in a continuous fashion, such as metals,
paper, and plastics. In addition to its corporate headquarters
in Natick, Massachusetts, Cognex also has regional offices and
distributors located throughout North America, Japan, Europe, and
Southeast Asia. Visit Cognex on-line at

Cognex and PatMax are registered trademarks of Cognex
Corporation. All others are the property of their respective
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