Cognex joins CC-Link |

Cognex joins CC-Link

Cognex joins CC-Link
December 2, 2009 — Cognex joined the Board of Director Companies of the CLPA (CC-Link Partner Association), one of the world’s leading fieldbus organizations.

CLPA-Americas’ Director Chuck Lukasik says: “We are delighted to have Cognex on our board of directors. It broadens our technology base and brings skills associated with developing worldwide markets for innovative products. Because its vision systems are so widely used, it will help us introduce CC-Link technology to whole new industries.”

Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, Cognex is globally recognized for vision-based inspection, guidance, and identification systems. With more than half a million systems installed and billions of products inspected every day, Cognex helps manufacturers operating in all industry sectors to isolate defective parts, optimize production processes, and implement full traceability programs.

CC-Link is the dominant fieldbus in Asia and is increasingly sought after in North America and Europe. CC-Link reduces wiring and automation system costs. This fieldbus enables multiple field devices to communicate to each other and to automation controllers over a single cable. CC-Link technology is open, allowing any company to embed it into its products so that those products can be used in CC-Link based control systems.

The CLPA is the organization of manufacturers formed in 2000 to oversee and develop the underlining CC-Link technology and to promote its integration into automation products. CLPA also promotes the worldwide adoption of CC-Link technology for network communications in automation. Cognex joins Digital Electronics Corporation, IDEC Corporation, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, and NEC Corporation on the board of directors. It replaces Molex, which has stepped down from the Board and resumes its status as a regular member of the group.
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