Computer Aided Solutions Introduces DT80 Data Logger with USB Memory Stick |

Computer Aided Solutions Introduces DT80 Data Logger with USB Memory Stick

November 142005
Computer Aided Solutions Introduces DT80 Data Logger with USB Memory Stick
CHESTERLAND, OH – November 14, 2005 - Computer Aided Solutions has announced a new style data logger, the dataTaker DT80. In a first for data loggers, this compact unit accepts a USB memory stick to either transfer collected data to a PC or send programs to the logger.

The dataTaker DT80 provides users with a robust, stand alone, low power data logger for a wide range of data acquisition applications. Storing up to 5 million data points in secure, non-volatile internal memory, the DT80 provides reliable data logging. The DT80’s universal analog input channels can automatically select the measurement range based on signal level. These channels are isolated and over-voltage protected allowing monitoring in noisy environments.

The DT80 supports most measurement and sensor types, including temperature (thermocouple, RTD and thermistor), DC voltage, 4-20mA current loops, resistance, bridges, strain gauges and frequency - all returned in engineering units of the user’s choice. Switchable excitation and triggering are provided on all channels to simplify wiring and installation. The data logger also features digital channels that provide counter inputs up to 100kHz, state input, or state output. In addition, two dedicated counter channels have adjustable thresholds for the monitoring of low level signals such as magnetic pick-ups. Other digital features include trigger sampling for event logging and a latching relay output to control external devices.

Built-in ports provide RS232, 10BaseT Ethernet, USB host and USB memory communications together with support for external modem dial-in and dial-out functions. TCP/IP is also supported enabling communications into a local or wide area network. Connecting the DT80 to GPS, scales, gateways, PLC’s and other intelligent devices is made simple with a serial sensor port with RS232/422/485 capability. A built-in, back-lit LCD display and keypad allow real-time display of measured data and direct user interaction with the logger. This unit has an internal battery to provide for back-up or remote operation up to 21 days.

The DT80 is supplied with the Delogger PC software package to configure the data logger, monitor results as they are collected, download stored data, analyze measurements, and export data to other programs. LabVIEW instrument drivers and ActiveX controls are also available.

dataTaker DT80 data loggers start at less than $2300. Complete specifications are available at

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