Computer Aided Solutions Introduces New High-accuracy, Portable Temperature Logger |

Computer Aided Solutions Introduces New High-accuracy, Portable Temperature Logger

July 282005
Computer Aided Solutions Introduces New High-accuracy, Portable Temperature Logger
CHESTERLAND, OH – July 28, 2005 - Computer Aided Solutions has introduced a new OQ610 temperature logger that provides an ideal solution for temperature monitoring applications in manufacturing, processing, research and development. This new six-channel logger can accommodate a wide range of K and T type thermocouple probes for flexibility, fast response time, and high accuracy. This new temperature logger also has USB communications for fast PC communications and direct connection to a USB printer for immediate reports without ever connecting to a PC.

The OQ610 has six input channels and is small and compact making it ideal for use in paint/powder coat curing, food processing, batch and conveyor oven profiling, blast freezers, freezing tunnels, and through process temperature measurements, as well as more routine temperature measurements.

This temperature logger is battery operated, portable and can be set-up via a simple three-button operation or directly from a PC. Simply power up the logger, connect the thermocouples, and carry out the tests. The logger automatically detects when sensors are connected making setup even easier! The logger can be configured to automatically start and stop logging on time or temperature levels and has the capability of logging up to eight readings per second to provide a more detailed analysis in fast changing temperature processes.

The OQ610 is manufactured by Grant Instruments with more than 40 years experience in building high quality temperature measurement equipment. The OQ610 is supplied with SquirrelView software; a powerful and easy to use application for configuring, downloading, displaying and analysing data from the logger. SquirrelView can also automatically calculate cure times when needed in applications using conveyor ovens. It can also export the data in a text file suitable for Excel or other 3rd party software applications.

The OQ610 is also available as part of the OMK610 oven monitoring kit which includes the logger, four temperature probes, a thermal barrier, Paintview software, which is optimized specifically for paint curing applications, a carrying case, and USB communication cable.

At the touch of a button the OQ610 temperature logger can directly print user-configurable, concise reports to simplify record keeping and provide ISO9000 quality records for compliance and traceability. Data collected with the logger is invaluable in ensuring the consistency of processes and in reducing operating costs by optimizing oven or process settings.

The OQ610 Data Loggers start at less than $1,400. Complete specifications are available at

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