Comtrol Corporation's Muscle Car Sweepstakes Celebrates Breakthrough in Network Latency |

Comtrol Corporation's Muscle Car Sweepstakes Celebrates Breakthrough in Network Latency

MINNEAPOLIS – May 1, 2003 … To celebrate a performance breakthrough that significantly reduces computer network latency, Comtrol Corporation announces the Muscle Car Sweepstakes. Enter today! The Grand Prize winner will receive a high-performance 1969 Pontiac GTO classic muscle car.

The Palladium Silver, 2-door hardtop is one of 32,744 made in 1969 and is equipped with many standard and some unusual options. We will even deliver this fabulous collector car right to the winner anywhere in the contiguous continental United States. Take a few moments to view it and all the contest details at

Delays in communicating across the network (latency) have been the biggest factor inhibiting the widespread use of remotely located serial devices connected to application software programs. This forces serial connections to remain tightly coupled with PC servers. The new performance reported by Comtrol can resolve this issue in the vast majority of cases, allowing substitution of Ethernet for expensive serial cabling.

Independent tests prove Comtrol’s breakthrough reduction in network latency. Details are available in a white paper titled “Serial Shoot Out” that documents Comtrol is 10-50 times faster than its competition. For a copy of the “Serial Shoot Out,” go to

“It’s fast, like a muscle car. Using Comtrol’s DeviceMaster® edge server to provide serial data communications over a network is like driving a sports car on the Interstate highway,” says Lee Stagni, president and COO of Comtrol. “The car has enough power to make a quick trip, but if the trip is taken during rush-hour, you could easily be late for dinner.” The solution is to operate the DeviceMaster over a low-overhead network using low-cost, highly reliable network serial port servers. “DeviceMaster provides the horsepower,” says Stagni, “our customers just need to give us the Express Lane to drive in.”

For more information about Comtrol's device connectivity solutions, contact Comtrol at 800-GO-ROCKET or visit Comtrol's Web site at

About Comtrol Corporation
Comtrol Corporation, based in Minneapolis, is a leading global provider of device connectivity, data communications, and enterprise integration software technologies. The company's DeviceMaster and RocketPort® products include in-server serial expansion cards, Ethernet-attached device networking edge servers, programmable application edge server appliances, and application software. For additional information, visit the Comtrol Web site at or call 800-926-6876
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