Comtrol Offers Free Serial Port Management Software with Superior GUI |

Comtrol Offers Free Serial Port Management Software with Superior GUI

April 302004
Comtrol Offers Free Serial Port Management Software with Superior GUI
Minneapolis, MN -- Thursday, April 29, 2004 ... Comtrol Corporation, a leading provider of serial device integration technology, is offering its new PortVision(tm) serial port management console free to customers who currently own, purchase, or upgrade to DeviceMaster® serial hubs or device servers.

PortVision software offers breakthrough efficiency at locating and remotely configuring and managing device servers over a network from one, centralized personal computer. PortVision software detects and graphically displays every DeviceMaster server on your network. Now, network administrators see real-time operating conditions of each device server at a glance.

Convenient menus make it easy to change, load, and save network configurations to one or dozens of DeviceMaster servers. TCP socket configurations, interface settings, firmware updates, security parameter checks, and diagnostic information are just a click away. Easily name and group DeviceMaster servers into meaningful folders. Visualize each server and port with instant links to connector, power, and serial pinout information. PortVision offers the most sophisticated serial port setup, configuration, and administration capabilities in the industry, yet it is easy and intuitive to use-and best of all, it's free!

If you are:

· Tired of time-consuming command line-based device server configurations,

· Frustrated when you must manually connect to each device server during setup or reconfiguring,

· Annoyed when you have to track device server firmware revisions across your entire enterprise, or

· Overloaded when you try to remember complicated status and configuration commands .... then it's time to let the PortVision serial port management console do the work for you!

PortVision software can be downloaded for free for use with previously acquired or newly purchased DeviceMaster serial hubs or device servers. PortVision software is also free to those customers who upgrade from Comtrol's RocketPort® line of serial hubs to the DeviceMaster line. For more information on upgrading through Comtrol's $25 per port Cash Back Trade-In Program, visit

For more information about Comtrol's new PortVision software, or other device connectivity solutions, contact Comtrol at 800-926-6876 or visit Comtrol's Web site at

About Comtrol Corporation
Comtrol Corporation, based in Minneapolis, is a leading global provider of device connectivity, data communication, and enterprise integration technologies. The company's flagship brands-DeviceMaster and RocketPort products-include in-server serial expansion cards, application and device servers, and application software. For additional information, visit the Comtrol Web site at or call 800-926-6876.

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