Control Engineering Delivers Awards for Service, Advancement & Impact |

Control Engineering Delivers Awards for Service, Advancement & Impact

April 072005
Control Engineering's seven editors used three primary criteria—service to the industry, technological advancement, and market impact—to select the 35 winners of the 17th annual Editors’ Choice Awards. Winners were recognized in a ceremony Feb. 24, during National Manufacturing Week in Chicago, this year Feb. 23-26. The new Engineers' Choice Awards were added to 2003's award selection process, to celebrate Control Engineering's 50th anniversary in 2004.

Seven editors—Frank Bartos, David Greenfield, Dave Harrold, Mark Hoske, Jeanine Katzel, Jim Montague and Vance VanDoren—use these three criteria to compare and judge the thousands of product and solutions covered each year in Control Engineering's print, Web, and e-mail publications. The editors then nominate, argue, and vote to determine winners for the year.

New this year are eight Control Engineering Engineers’ Choice winners, chosen by subscribers as the best among the 35, one in each of eight categories: embedded control; human-machine interface; instrumentation and process sensors; machine control and discrete sensors; motors, drives, and motion control; networks and communications; process and advanced control; and software and information integration.

For the Editor’s Choice Award story, click here:

Control Engineering Engineers’ Choice Award winners are posted Feb. 25 at
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