Control Microsystems Introduces RealFLO 6, Operator-Friendly Gas Measurement Software

August 022005
Control Microsystems Introduces RealFLO 6, Operator-Friendly Gas Measurement Software
Control Microsystems announces the release of RealFLO 6, the powerful Electronic Gas Flow Measurement (EFM) application now available on all SCADAPackTM controllers and RealFLOTM 4202 GFCs. This software release represents major enhancements to RealFLO including the addition of a Maintenance Mode that offers novice users an intuitive wizard-based interface for routine operations. The traditional Expert Mode is retained for use by more experienced users. Other changes include independence between measurement and control tasks and the automatic collection and export of historical data.

Designed for use in custody transfer applications, RealFLO 6 provides up to ten runs of any mix of orifice plate (AGA-3), turbine meter (AGA-7) or V-cone primary elements with either AGA-8 or NX-19 supercompressibility calculations. RealFLO 6 is API 21.1 and Measurement Canada compliant with 35 days of hourly and daily history records, and up to 700 events and 300 alarms per flow run. The software supports your choice of communication options including Modbus, Enron Modbus, Modbus TCP, DNP3 and DF1 protocols. Configuration, extraction of flow history, events, and alarms are password-protected with four configurable levels of security.

Typical applications include liquid flow totalization, flow and separator measurement & control, well head automation & measurement, pipeline balancing, coal bed methane production and much more. As an integral part of the Control Microsystems EFM product line, RealFLO 6 combines with any SCADAPack controller to form a full function gas flow computer. The product also integrates seamlessly with all Control Microsystems Multi Variable Transmitters or any similarly mapped Modbus-based device. For more information visit

About Control Microsystems:
Control Microsystems is a global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of programmable RTUs, intelligent sensors, gas production automation, and PLC products. The company has sales and support offices in the United States, Canada and Australia. Its products are used by system integrators and end users in oil & gas production applications, municipal water and wastewater systems, and electrical power applications.
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