Control Technology Corporation Introduces CT HMI Web Enabled User Interface Design Software |

Control Technology Corporation Introduces CT HMI Web Enabled User Interface Design Software

October 122004
HOPKINTON, MA – CT HMI Builder provides a quick new approach to graphical interface design. Built using today's latest Java technology, CT HMI offers a consistent drag-and-drop environment that minimizes typing and drawing. CT HMI objects are both graphically and functionally dynamic. So when you drop them in the design window, they appear and function exactly as they will in the runtime environment. This greatly reduces design time, since there is no need to constantly switch between run and design mode to see what your panel will really look like. And because it is Java-based, CT HMI screens are easily routed over the Internet and Ethernet networks, providing remote viewers with the same high-quality visual display as CTC's iPanel touchscreens.

CT HMI offers a wide variety of pre-built intelligent objects designed to meet the most common needs of HMI designers. For more specialized panels, there’s a universal graphic object that allows custom graphics and picture files to be easily imported into the project.

With CT HMI's Tag Explorer, connecting a graphical element, such as a tank or motor, to an I/O point is a drag and drop operation. No typing is required. The Tag Explorer 'sees' all connected CTC controllers and CT Servers on the network. To connect to non-CTC devices add the optional OPC module.

The CT HMI Runtime Display uses advanced and flexible vehicles for displaying process information and enabling operators to use that information to manage the process.

About Control Technology Corporation
Control Technology Corporation designs, manufactures and markets products that enable electronic automation devices to be controlled, configured or reprogrammed over the Internet and/or Intranets. CTC’s automation controllers and software are used in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications, including Web-based control, motion control, analog and digital I/O control, and remote data acquisition. CTC’s headquarters are in Hopkinton, Massachusetts with regional technology centers in Wisconsin and California. Founded in 1975, CTC is a leader in web enabled automation and has been awarded numerous patents in this area. More information is available at
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