CoroWare appoints Kris Erikson Director of Microsoft Practice |

CoroWare appoints Kris Erikson Director of Microsoft Practice

Redmond, WA – April 23, 2008 – CoroWare appointed Kris Erikson Director of CoroWare’s Microsoft Practice. Reporting to CEO, Lloyd Spencer, Erikson will be responsible for further accelerating the growth of CoroWare’s Microsoft Practice.

“We are delighted to have Kris Erikson join the CoroWare team,” said Lloyd Spencer, CEO of CoroWare. “He brings a creative energy and proven skill-set to CoroWare that we believe will help take us to the next level of increasing revenues through our existing client base and bringing in new clients.”

Erikson, 44, comes to CoroWare after serving as Director of Business Development, Seattle Region, at Meridian Technology Group. Before that, Erikson was Business Development Manager at several Seattle-based IT consulting firms where his efforts contributed to the rapid growth of those companies’ revenues.

“I’m very excited to join CoroWare working with Microsoft. Professionally, this role allows me to blend together my past experiences by providing sales focus on both project and professional services,” said Kris Erikson. “I look forward to the challenges and successes ahead.”

Kris graduated from University of Washington in 1990 with a BA in Speech Communications and Marketing. While a student at University of Washington, Kris was also a Public Relations Representative for the U.S. Olympic Committee in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

CoroWare's Microsoft Practice combines expertise in release management, project management, systems engineering and marketing consulting with a wealth of experience working together with Microsoft and other Fortune 100 companies.

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