CoroWare signs Pitotech as distributor |

CoroWare signs Pitotech as distributor

REDMOND, WA – April 28, 2008 - CoroWare entered into a distribution agreement with Taiwan based technology provider, Pitotech. Beginning April 17, 2008, Pitotech added CoroWare’s CoroBot to their products list.

Until recently, CoroWare has successfully marketed and sold the CoroBot product line to educational, industrial and military sectors through its direct sales efforts. To reach a broader audience, including commercial developers and researchers, technical educators and robot enthusiasts, CoroWare has begun developing a network of qualified distributors and resellers worldwide.

“For products to have a good selling point in the market, manufacturers need to know the pains of the customers and provide a product with functionalities to solve them. CoroBot does just that,” said Daniel Chien, CEO of Pitotech. “Another important criterion for us is our partner policy. We want a partner who would like to build a long-term relationship with mutual benefits, and CoroWare is that kind of partner.”

CoroWare's CoroBot is a robot development platform that includes a PC-class processor, on-board sensors, color camera and an optional robotic arm capable of four degrees of freedom. Everything needed to jump start a robotic project is affordably packaged in the CoroBot.

By teaming up with Pitotech, CoroWare believes it will see an increased market presence in the large Asian market among enterprising researchers, academics and hobbyists who need a powerful development tool at an affordable price.

“CoroWare values Pitotech’s ability to guide and assist us in making the CoroBot available to the Asian marketplace,” said Jon Mandrell, Director of CoroWare’s Robotics and Automation group. “I believe Taiwan has much to offer the robotics industry and we are looking forward to a long, productive relationship with them.”

About Pitotech
Pitotech is a leading technology provider offering a wide range of products, training and consulting specialized in educational, research, simulation and intelligent Robot applications. Our experienced engineers and consultants deliver high quality solutions and service to fulfill our customers' requirements. In the stormy business environment it is vital to be competitive and make the right decision. Pitotech offers a comprehensive array of solutions to increase profits, efficiency and enhance core competence. Established since 1992, Pitotech is very successful at attracting and retaining professional manpower and keeping highly satisfied customers by providing excellent support and service. Pitotech always pursues long-term and tight relationships with customers and partners. Our Vision is to be a knowledge provider, not only a product distributor.

About CoroWare
CoroWare, an Innova Robotics & Automation company, is a software and software professional services provider and mobile robotics integrator that delivers high value services and innovative solutions to maximize technology investments and achieve customers' goals. CoroWare has depth of knowledge and breadth of experience in developing software and solutions for mobile service robotics and business automation through products that include the CoroBot product line.
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