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CSIA recertifies member

Jan. 5, 2012 – The Control System Integrators Association (CSIA) announces that Revere Control Systems, Birmingham, Ala., recently became recertified as a CSIA Certified member.

In other membership news, the following companies became new associate members:

  • Control Systems West, Inc., Petaluma, Cal.
  • Cosylab d.d., Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • PCI, LLC, Detroit, Mich.

River Cities Engineering, Davenport, Iowa, is a new participating member. State Electric Supply Company, Winston Salem, N.C., is a new partner member.

To become a CSIA Certified member, a member company must pass an intensive audit process with stringent performance standards categories in nine categories: general management, financial management, project management, quality management, technical management, human resources management and marketing, business development and sales management.

Certified members are re-audited every three years and recertified if they meet current performance standards. The certification criteria is spelled out in CSIA’s Best Practices and Benchmarks, the accepted roadmap for system integrators committed to delivering the level of quality, performance and long-term support their customers expect.  

About CSIA:  Founded in 1994, the Control System Integrators Association is a global organization dedicated to advancing control system integration for the success of its members and their clients.

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