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Danfoss Drives--MICRO Drives Now Available up to 5HP

Danfoss Drives--MICRO Drives Now Available up to 5HP
LOVES PARK, IL -- VLTÒ MICRO Adjustable Frequency Drives from Danfoss Drives are now available with 5HP for 230 VAC and 460 VAC applications. Ideal for OEMs and panel builders requiring small AC motor control, VLTÒ MICRO drives are available in the 1/2 to 5 HP range (230 V applications), as well as the 1 to 5 HP range (460 V applications).

These low-cost drives provide DC performance from low cost and low maintenance AC motors. They offer easy installation, sophisticated control, excellent reliability and a small footprint, making them suitable for applications such as conveyors, pumps and fans that require small size and simple functionality.

A digital keypad/display module comes mounted to the front panel of the drive allowing for simple operation. Built-in software saves valuable space, time and money by eliminating additional hardware requirements. Additional features include: programmable digital inputs and outputs; quiet operation; overload current (to 150% of rated current for one minute); automatic voltage regulation; S-curve or linear ramp profiles; momentary power failure restart; parameter lock/reset; panel or optional DIN rail mount; and an optional remote keypad mounting kit, among others.

Danfoss Drives is a leading producer of precision mechanical and electrical components and intelligent “mechatronic” devices. Danfoss Drives created the VLTÒ name when they introduced the world’s first mass-produced Adjustable Frequency Drive in 1968, and the name has set the standard for quality drives ever since.

For more information, contact: Danfoss Drives, 4401 N. Bell School Road, Loves Park, IL 61111; Phone: (800) 432-6367; Fax: (815) 639-8000; Email: [email protected]; Website: www.namc.danfoss.com.
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