Data-Linc Group Expands Industrial Wireless Communications Line With New PlantLinc™ Products |

Data-Linc Group Expands Industrial Wireless Communications Line With New PlantLinc™ Products

November 112004
Data-Linc Group Expands Industrial Wireless Communications Line With New PlantLinc™ Products
Data-Linc Group now offers PlantLincTM 5000 Industrial Wireless Serial Modem and PlantLinc 580 Wireless I/O Extender. Each product provides a cost effective solution for reliable wireless communications up to 4 miles (6.5 km) in the license-free 902 to 928 MHz spread spectrum band using frequency hopping technology.

PlantLincTM 5000 Industrial Wireless Serial Modem (model PLR5000) is an industrial serial RS232 radio modem designed for cost-effective, short-range PLC communications. It operates in the license free 902-928 MHz band and uses frequency hopping transmission techniques for excellent reliability in noisy plant environments. It is a cost effective alternative to cable installation, trenching and leasing expensive phone lines to remote locations. The PLR5000 is field configurable and supports a number of operating modes including Master, Remote, Store-and-Forward Repeater and Remote/Repeater mode for added flexibility. It can accommodate most plant wireless projects using easy to install omni directional antennas or Yagi antennas when a stronger signal is required. PlantLinc 5000 may be used for in-plant applications including PLC networking, data collection, mobile systems (cranes, conveyor systems, warehouse automation) and outdoor SCADA communications for remote pump stations and sub-stations. It supports all common serial protocols including DF1, Modbus ASCII, Modbus RTU, DNP 3.0 and Optimux with data rates up to 38.4 Kbps. PlantLinc 5000 is housed in a small, rugged, DIN rail mountable metal enclosure. It is rated for operation at -20 to +75°C (-4 to +167°F).

While PlantLinc 5000 provides wireless communications for serial devices, the PlantLinc 580 Wireless I/O Extender family provides wireless analog and discrete I/O solutions. It comes in two versions: the PLR580D Wireless Discrete I/O Extender with eight discrete inputs and eight discrete outputs, and the PLR580DA Wireless Discrete/Analog I/O Extender that includes discrete signals plus eight analog inputs and eight analog outputs.

The wireless extenders may be used in pairs for point-to-point signal transmission or in point-to-multipoint configurations, providing I/O signal transmission to multiple locations. The PlantLinc radio section of the extenders operates in the license-free 902-928 MHz spread spectrum band and incorporates frequency hopping transmission techniques with 32-bit CRC error detection. The result is extremely reliable I/O communications even in high noise plant environments and at a range of up to 4 miles (6.5 km) with line-of-sight, using omni directional antennas. The result is a cost effective, simple to implement wireless solution for I/O signal transmission for distances up to 4 miles (6.5 km).

Contact Data-Linc for information or data sheets for the PlantLinc 5000 Industrial Wireless Serial Modem and the PlantLinc 580 Wireless I/O Extender or visit us on the web at .

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Founded in 1988, Data-Linc Group is the leading provider of industrial data communication solutions. Data-Linc designs and manufactures high performance, superior quality modems for a broad range of industrial applications. Their complete line of industrial grade modems and networking products consistently provide reliable, robust data communications even in the most demanding environments. For more information, please visit or call (425) 882-2206 Pacific Coast Time.
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