Data-Link Opens European Office with the Release of SRM-EU |

Data-Link Opens European Office with the Release of SRM-EU

November 112004
Bellevue, WA–July 9, 2004—The latest versions of Data-Linc's license-free wireless modems have been approved for use in EU countries. The SRM6100-EU serial radio modem and the SRM6310E-EU wireless Ethernet modem operate in the 2.4 GHz license-free ISM bands and, like all the modems in the SRM Family, utilize Smart Spectrum frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) technology to provide the highest level of reliability and performance for wireless data transmission, even in high interference environments. The SRM6310E-EU modem functions as a wireless Ethernet bridge and is transparent to all Ethernet protocols (TCP/IP, UDP, etc.).

Both of the SRM-EU modems are easily field configurable and include built-in diagnostics to evaluate RF signal quality during installation and operation. With output power selectable up to 500 mW (note: EU regulations limit EIRP power to 100 mW at antenna), they have a rated range of 2 km with unobstructed line-of-sight. A built-in Repeater mode may be used to extend the range or work around obstructions. These ultra reliable modems operate in a temperature range of -40 to +167°F (-40 to +75°C) and are ideal for both short and long-range applications that demand dependable, secure communication when cable installation is impractical.

The SRM-EU modems join the existing family members: SRM6000 serial stand-alone and SRM6000/SLC chassis mount 900 MHz and SRM6100 serial stand-alone and SRM6100/SLC chassis mount 2.4 GHz serial stand-alone, SRM6200E wireless Ethernet 900 MHz and the SRM6300E wireless Ethernet 2.4 GHz chassis mount, and the 900 MHz SRM6210E and the 2.4 GHz SRM6310E. All stand-alone modems in the series are compatible with LincViewTM, Data-Linc's Windows based software which displays individual modem RF signal information and configuration for managing SRM wireless networks.

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