Datastick Announces the First Vibration Spectrum Analysis on PDAs with ICPR Accelerometers Displaying FFTs |

Datastick Announces the First Vibration Spectrum Analysis on PDAs with ICPR Accelerometers Displaying FFTs

October 072004
Datastick Announces the First Vibration Spectrum Analysis on PDAs with ICPR Accelerometers Displaying FFTs
New DAS-1258 Vibration Spectrum Analyzer and Data Acquisition Module attach to Palm handheld; also new Datastick Spectrum software

CAMPBELL, CA, OCTOBER 5, 2004--The first PDA-based vibration spectrum analyzer for ICPR accelerometers with FFT displays was announced today by Datastick Systems, Inc., the leader in test and measurement on handheld computers. The announcement was made by Steve Sabram, Datastick CTO and President, at ISA Expo 2004 in Houston.

Datastick's new DAS-1258 Vibration Spectrum Analyzer and Data Acquisition Module attaches firmly to a Palm(TM) PDA such as a Tungsten(TM) T3. The DAS-1258's four analog inputs can be easily configured for ICP accelerometers and other ICP sensors through the use of a Datastick four-channel ICP adapter, or a single-channel ICP cable with miniaturized electronics built into the connector.

"Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) displays of 13 different frequency ranges up to 0-5 KHz with up to 1024-point single-side spectrum resolution can be viewed on a Palm handheld using the DAS-1258 with new Datastick Spectrum software," said Sabram. "With nine windowing options, and the ability to inspect amplitudes and differences in amplitudes at recorded frequencies, Datastick has pushed instrumentation on PDAs into new territories for its customers."

Combined with new Datastick Spectrum software on the Palm handheld and special firmware embedded in the Datastick hardware, the DAS-1258 enables users to view FFT snapshots and then sync the recorded data to the Palm handheld. Datastick Reporting System(TM) software, included with Spectrum, moves the data from the handheld into an Excel workbook on the pc with a press of a button and the click of the mouse.

"For years, users have suffered with portable battery-powered instruments that don't allow measurement data to be exported quickly and easily into a universally recognized format," said Mike Scandling, VP Marketing. "There is no software quite so universal as Microsoft Office."

In addition to spectrum analysis, the DAS-1258 provides general-purpose data acquisition with up to four single-ended analog inputs at 12-bit resolution, a digital counter input, a digital triggering input, and two digital output lines for switching external devices on and off. Four other Datastick Connection software titles provide general-purpose data acquisition using a variety of ICP sensors, as well as non-ICP accelerometers and sensors. Both Datastick Spectrum and Datastick Connection Lite software programs are included with the DAS-1258.

"From sophisticated spectrum analysis using ICP sensors, to quick readings from a wide variety of analog sensors of all types, to fast reporting in a universally accepted form on the pc, and from there to enterprise-wide publishing and beyond--never before has so much been capable of being done with such a small, portable, lightweight device," said Scandling. "Add some phone numbers, take some notes, and even record a conference with colleagues; it's the height of versatility."

The DAS-1258 module with Datastick Spectrum software will ship by the end of October. It is being demoed at ISA Expo 2004 today through October 7. The device is used in machine health, industrial automation, plant maintenance, field test and measurement, and many other applications.

Datastick Systems, Inc., designs and develops cost-effective handheld spectrum analysis and data acquisition products for a broad range of industrial, scientific, governmental, environmental, and educational markets. Datastick developed the first general-purpose data acquisition hardware and software system for the Palm platform. Datastick is located at 51 E. Campbell Ave., Suite 130, Campbell, CA 95008. For more information, contact Datastick at 408 871-3300, fax 408 871-3313, email [email protected] or visit the web site at
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