Desktop Engineering Magazine Publishes a Two-part Special Report on Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) and Design |

Desktop Engineering Magazine Publishes a Two-part Special Report on Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) and Design

February 232005
February 23, 2005, Peterborough, NH -- Desktop Engineering (DE) magazine, the leading resource for design solutions from concept through manufacture, today announced it will publish a special, in-depth two-part editorial section in the April and May issues. The Special Report will focus specifically on design and manufacturing data interoperability issues. Included in the Special Report will be an exclusive interview with Bill Gibbs, president of CAM software developer Gibbs & Associates, as well as a discussion with industry expert Dave Prawel on "Building an Effective Interoperability Strategy."

Through this Special Report, the editors of DE will investigate the design and manufacturing data bottlenecks that occur across the engineering and manufacturing enterprise. "The American manufacturing process has to change - it needs to become more efficient," said Anthony J. Lockwood, Editorial Director of DE. "American manufacturers need to leverage the technology and knowledge they have in order to compete internationally."

"While we can't compete with the hoards of overseas machinists who are being paid 50 cents an hour and work for 6 days, we CAN make our process so efficient that we level the playing field," continued Lockwood. "Our process needs to change. We need to get over the technical hurdle and get interoperability strategies between the design and manufacturing process working right."

"As a regular component of its design-for-manufacture editorial coverage, DE has been covering the interoperability process for years," said Lockwood. "We've observed how companies have downsized, reinvested; cut back, replaced machinery, upgraded software; however, the silos of the engineering process are still not working together optimally. This must change now if American companies want to compete in the global economy."

In a recent MCAD study conducted on DE subscribers by HPI Research (a division of Helmers Publishing Inc), 43.4% of subscribers reported they use CAM software but only 17.7% reported their CAM software was integrated within their MCAD platform.

Desktop Engineering is a monthly magazine distributed to 63,000 design engineers and engineering managers who use MCAD, data analysis, CAM, EDM/PDM/PLM, and data acquisition hardware and software in the manufacturing/process industries and in product design. Desktop Engineering is published by Helmers Publishing Inc. (HPI), which was established in 1979. The company also publishes Supply Chain Systems Magazine, the premier magazine covering the integration of data capture technologies across the supply chain and CSCO magazine, the publication that provides insights to supply chain executives. For more information on HPI's magazines, visit, and

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