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Dick Morley, Father of the PLC, Completes Second Book - 'Out of the Barn'

Dick Morley, Father of the PLC,  Completes Second Book - 'Out of the Barn'
After years of technology pioneering and gaining the reputation as technical pioneer par excellence, Richard Morley, the father of the most revolutionary technology to serve Detroit — the Programmable
Logic Controller (PLC) — is offering his second book, Out of the Barn

Released October 2002, Out of the Barn promises to be an interesting and compelling book — a must-read for anyone involved in the engineering or manufacturing fields.

In addition to being called the father of the PLC, Morley has been inducted into the Automation Hall of Fame and has been interviewed on CNN and for Fortune, Time, Inc. and Scientific American magazines. He has been in the industry for decades and has become a nationally recognized expert in the field of computer design, artificial intelligence and automation.

Jeremy Pollard, North American representative for PLCopen North America, says of Out of the Barn, “The writing is light and humorous. Great bathroom book for sure — the techy gift for those who have everything.”

Inventor Jim Pinto from San Diego states, “For several years, Dick’s column “Under Control” in automation journal Manufacturing Systems brought up ground-breaking concepts, presented with characteristic Morley humor and make-you-think challenges. This little book gathers those wide-ranging columns in compatible segments, organized for easy reading. You can open the book and read any article, in any section, to be educated, challenged and entertained.”

This book is a great read, especially if there is an interest in engineering, manufacturing or entrepreneurship. Check it out and compare past to present with a glimpse into the future from a true visionary and humorist’s perspective.

Out of the Barn is available for purchase right here on Automation.com. Get your copy today!

For more information about Richard [Dick] Morley, visit www.barn.org

For additional information, contact:

Leah Lavoie, Marketing Intern
R. Morley Inc.
614 Nashua St. #56
Milford, NH 03055-4992
Phone: 603-878-4365 • Fax: 603-878-4385
Cell: 603-305-2722
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