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Dresser Instruments Introduces “All-in-One” Pressure Measurement Solution

November 242004
Dresser Instruments Introduces “All-in-One” Pressure Measurement Solution
The Ashcroft® multi-function instrument assembly is a value-added solution from Dresser Instruments that saves customers time, money and space. This new product has a feature-rich digital gauge with highly visible, local pressure indication; one or two SPDT switches; a 4-20 mA output signal; min/max feature; and a weatherproof case to IP65. The unit is mounted on a flo-through isolation ring that has a built-in needle valve to dampen pulsation and allows the process to be locked–out for safe removal of the instrument for recalibration.

The easy-to-install assembly takes up less space, has fewer leak paths and is much less costly than buying individual instruments with these features. The digital gauge is available as battery powered, 4-20 mA loop powered, or line powered. Battery life is 3600 hours.

This product is ideal for wastewater and filtration applications, supporting pipe installations from 1" to 20" in diameter.

For more information on this new Ashcroft® product offering, call 1-800-328-8258 or visit: www.ashcroft.com

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