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DVT Announces Major Enhancements For Industry-Leading FrameWork Software

July 022003
Atlanta, GA June 24-DVT Corporation today announced the release of FrameWork 2.6, which boasts numerous major enhancements to DVT’s industry-leading FrameWork software, the operating system for a wide range of machine vision products.

“Our FrameWork software brings both power and ease of use to the forefront for our customers,” commented Bob Steinke, CEO of DVT. “FrameWork 2.6 is another breakthrough in our efforts to maintain our leadership in software development. As a company, we are continually raising the bar and this latest version of FrameWork is certainly an excellent example of this corporate commitment.”

Noteworthy elements of FrameWork 2.6 include:
· Common interface to all DVT SmartImage Sensors with enhanced usability and functionality
· Improved color learning options that can be selected manually or through the digital relearn signal
· Addition of XML communication for inspection data which allows the meaning of values to be transmitted through the XML tags
· Improved Spectrograph SoftSensor with new features such as image filtering for noise and calibration in nanometers
· Addition of Snowflake 2D barcode reading with POSTNET, RSS-14, and Code 93 1D barcode reading.
· Enhanced script language which allows user defined functions
· Expanded integration support through the ability to load inspection configurations through command line parameters
· Improved DataMatrix 2D barcode reader for automatic reading of degraded codes
· Improved memory management to allow the storage of more inspections in the SmartImage Sensor
· Addition of special capabilities for print registration application
Framework 2.6 features significant improvements in speed, memory usage, tools for SpectroCam systems and other enhancements that provide DVT users the most robust, user-friendly software program on the market today. DVT’s software updates, as well as all training and technical support, are offered free of charge.

Headquartered in Duluth, GA, DVT Corporation ignited the machine vision revolution in the early 1990s with SmartImage Sensors and has continued to upgrade, enhance and integrate the technology into the most cost-effective vision systems in the industry. Starting at $2995, all SmartImage Sensors are Ethernet ready. Whether implemented as a simple, direct connection between the SmartImage Sensor and a computer, or as a connection that crosses the globe via the Internet, DVT exploits the Ethernet's architecture to bring real-time inspections and remote diagnostics to any aspect of a company’s enterprise.

DVT’s Corporate mission is based on the concept of Servant Leadership, which means putting the needs of others ahead of your own. DVT puts the needs of its customers and partners ahead of its own needs.
For more information contact DVT Corporation at (770) 814-7920 or visit www.dvtsensors.com.
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