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DVT Develops Hand-Held Communications Tool for Machine Vision

May 032004
DVT Develops Hand-Held Communications Tool for Machine Vision
Machine Vision to Combine with Hand-held PCs

Duluth, GA, May 3, 2004 – DVT has developed a new product that enables communications between DVT cameras and hand-held PCs. The software product allows customers to use wireless integration to transfer images and send commands using hand-held PCs.

“This innovation gives our customers a greater degree of flexibility and convenience as the worlds of machine vision and hand-held PCs are combined,” commented Mike Schreiber, DVT Director of Applied Engineering.

A demonstration of the product can be seen at DVT’s booth at the April 4-6 Vision Show East in Boston. The demo features live images being transferred from DVT cameras to a hand-held PC.

The new product will allow customers to:

· View live images

· View failed images

· View results

· Change products

· Perform simple setup changes

The product will run on Windows CE, a platform that now runs on some HMIs.

DVT attributes its success to the company philosophy of ‘Servant Leadership.’ This means putting the needs of our customers ahead of our own needs. Instead of asking ‘What’s in it for me?’ we ask our customers ‘How may I serve you?’ Agape is a Greek term meaning Unconditional Love. DVT’s Agape Support is Unconditional.

For more information contact DVT at (770) 814-7920 or visit www.dvtsensors.com.
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