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DVT Holds Record-Breaking Seventh Annual Global Meeting

December 012003
Atlanta, December 1, 2003--Over 570 distributors, integrators and customers attended DVT’s seventh annual Global Business Conference and User Group meeting, held recently in Phoenix, Arizona. In addition to the record-breaking number of attendees, for the first time the meeting included a trade show with 26 exhibitors being featured.

In conjunction with the meeting, DVT gave away 80 camera systems—worth over $330,000—to qualified customers.

“This was a tremendous showcase for DVT products, training, and support,” said Bob Steinke, CEO and Chairman. “But more importantly, our business friends learned that the true secret of our success lies in the concept of Servant Leadership. DVT is a blessed company and we are grateful for it.”

Jim Hunter, author of the best-selling book The Servant Leader, spoke at a luncheon meeting and challenged those present to lead not by force or coercion but by following the Golden Rule—treating others as you would have them treat you.

The four-day meeting featured speakers who gave presentations on a variety of DVT applications. Matt Quinn of EPIC Vision Solutions in St. Louis described how DVT camera systems were used in a Six Sigma application. Jerome Albert of RC Systems in Hatfield, PA told how DVT was used in a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant pharmaceutical application. Neil Schilke, past president of the Society of Automotive Engineers and former Vice-President at GM, gave a presentation on trends in the automotive industry.

Breakout sessions featured numerous presenters who explained DVT involvement in a wide number of applications in the packaging, plastics, automotive, pharmaceuticals, and electronics markets.

Bob Settle, Director of Marketing at DVT, believes the meeting will take the company to a new level.

“The success we’ve seen over the last five years has been nothing short of phenomenal but we are far from satisfied,” he commented. “Our machine vision solutions—delivered with our free training, software, and online diagnostic support—have a world of potential beyond our current level of achievement. With attendees from 28 countries on six continents, this meeting positions us for unprecedented success.”

Feedback from attendees at the meeting included:

“The meeting reinforced and increased my positive impression of DVT. I have no doubts whatsoever now that DVT is here to serve my company, helping us determine what we need in machine vision and then delivering that and making it work for us.”
(Mike Overstreet, Engineering Technologies Specialist at 3M)

“This was an event that gave you a lift on all levels. We learned what DVT was planning for the future and new innovations. We were able to interact with ASPs, Integrators and Users to see what they are doing and maybe get ideas on applications we can go after. It was a great experience for me.” (Carlos Loeza, Vision Products Manager for Burns Controls)

“The conference provided an excellent opportunity to network and broaden awareness of applications. It was extremely well organized, allowing attendees to focus on the conference.” (Victor Chupil, Process Sensor Technology Manager at Dofasco)

DVT is recognized as a global market leader in machine vision products and is the only manufacturer in the industry to provide free classroom, online and CD-based training; free operating software and software upgrades; and free online diagnostics and troubleshooting. DVT’s Corporate vision is based on the concept of Servant Leadership, which means putting the needs of others ahead of your own. DVT puts the needs of its customers and partners ahead of its own needs. For more information about DVT, contact DVT Corporation at (770) 814-7920 or visit www.dvtsensors.com.
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