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DVT Introduces the World's Fastest Machine Vision Sensor — Legend 540

DVT Introduces the World's Fastest Machine Vision Sensor — Legend 540
DVT Combines Speed and Affordability in Latest SmartImage Sensor

Atlanta, Mar 03, 2003– DVT Corporation introduced a new version of its machine vision sensor, the new Legend 540 delivers 8 times the performance over the fastest SmartImage Sensors already on the market today. These enhanced SmartImage Sensors are shipping now priced at $4,995 with user interface software and over 30 hours of free training included in an interactive CD-ROM or local workshop.

"This is the most powerful ‘smart camera’ ever brought to market," said DVT Chief Executive Bob Steinke in introducing the Legend 540 to an enthusiastic crowd at a recent shareholders meeting in Atlanta. “This new model is an important addition to DVT's portfolio of vision sensor tools—bridging the performance gap between vision sensors and framegrabber-based machine vision systems."

The new vision sensor features built-in Ethernet connectivity and a powerful Hitachi SH4 processor, which achieves an ultra-fast image processing rate--up to 8 times that of the previous model. This boosts the digitizing time to 13 milliseconds, which allows the vision sensor to be used in even the fastest manufacturing lines. No separate PC or “frame-grabber board” is required since all hardware is integrated into the compact housing which is only 1.5” thick and 4” tall.

In addition to precise machine vision inspections, the Legend 540 reads virtually any linear and 2-D barcode as well as performs OCR (Optical Character Recognition)—all at lightning fast speeds. Ethernet connectivity allows users to simply drop the sensor in on the manufacturing line without incurring the integration costs associated with traditional machine vision. This networking feature allows for remote diagnostics and data acquisition from any node on the company’s network or from any Internet connection around the globe.

Headquartered in Norcross, GA, DVT Corporation ignited the machine vision revolution in the early 1990s with SmartImage Sensors and has continued to upgrade, enhance and integrate the technology into the most cost-effective vision systems in the industry. Starting at $2995, all SmartImage Sensors are Ethernet ready. Whether implemented as a simple, direct connection between the SmartImage Sensor and a computer, or as a connection that crosses the globe via the Internet, DVT exploits the Ethernet's architecture to bring real-time inspections and remote diagnostics to any aspect of a company’s enterprise.

For more information contact DVT Corporation at (770) 449-4960 or visit www.dvtsensors.com
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