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DVT Spectral Camera Wins Control Engineering Magazine’s “Editors’ Choice” Award

January 292004
DVT Spectral Camera Wins Control Engineering Magazine’s “Editors’ Choice” Award
Duluth, GA, January 29, 2004 – DVT Corporation has won the 2003 Control Engineering Magazine’s Editor’s Choice Award for the Legend Spectral Camera color SmartImage sensor. The honor means the DVT Spectral Camera is now eligible to win one of eight Control Engineering Engineers’ Choice awards, to be announced at National Manufacturing Week in February.

This is the second major award won by the Spectral Camera. NASA Tech Briefs magazine named the Spectral Camera one of its Products of the Month, making it eligible to be named Product of the Year.

“These awards confirm that the DVT Spectral Camera has great potential for applications which formerly used spectrophotometers costing up to ten times as much,” commented DVT CEO and Chairman Bob Steinke. “Nothing else on the market compares to the Spectral Camera and we’re expecting 2004 to be a big year for this valuable product.”

Control Engineering subscribers will decide via survey which of the Editors' Choice Award winners receive one of eight Engineers' Choice Awards. Print and online coverage of Control Engineering Engineers' Choice Award winners will follow the Feb. 24 announcement and ceremony.

According to Control Engineering, each month editors review hundreds of new product releases, only the best of which are published in print and electronically. At the end of the year, the editors review the published products select the best 35 products based on three criteria: service to the industry, technological advancement, and market impact. Readers’ Choice award winners are considered the most significant innovations featured in Control Engineering during the past year.

The Spectral Camera is ideal for the most demanding color applications where small color variations are critical, such as individual parts in an automobile door where one model may have several variations of white. The Spectral Camera uses a built-in Spectrograph to split the incoming light into its constituent wavelengths along the X axis and spatially along the Y axis. With this product, the complete spectrum (380nm – 780nm) of the sample can be learned and small deviations detected. The peak location of the spectrum can also be monitored for LED quality control. The system is highly sensitive to color and has unlimited color learning capabilities.

DVT’s corporate vision is based on the concept of Servant Leadership, which means putting the needs of others ahead of our own. DVT puts the needs of its customers and partners ahead of its own needs.

For more information contact DVT Corporation at (770) 814-7920 or visit www.dvtsensors.com.
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