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Efficiency Technologies, Inc. Announces Successful Completion of Automated Chiller Data Collection Field Test

October 172005
TULSA, Okla., Oct. 17, 2005 -- Efficiency Technologies, Inc., (EffTec), a wholly-owned subsidiary of American Resource Management, Inc. (Pink Sheets:ARMM), announces the successful completion of the automated chiller data collection field test with a major Las Vegas casino for its Internet-based chiller, boiler and plate exchanger efficiency program. The field test was conducted through one of EffTec's licensing partners.

This field test required minimal equipment installation and used the casino's existing advanced building automation system to automatically upload hourly chiller data to the EffTec servers. This automated data collection, analysis and reporting is already being used to make operational improvements, maximize the casino's engineering manpower and keep the chiller running at optimum performance. The casino's remaining chillers are expected to have this same method of automated data collection in the near future.

"Successful completion of this field test is a major stop in proving that EffTec is committed to, and capable of delivering cutting-edge products and services to our customers and prospects in maximizing chiller and boiler efficiency," stated Don Clark, Vice-President of EffTec.

About Efficiency Technologies, Inc.
Efficiency Technologies, Inc. ("EffTec") has developed web-based energy management services for centrifugal chillers, boilers and plate exchangers called EffHVAC(tm) that allows property owners and facility managers the ability to monitor and improve the efficiencies of multiple pieces of equipment at multiple locations. The Department of Energy has estimated that chillers waste up to 30% of their cooling energy through inefficiency. It is also estimated that there are over 100,000 centrifugal chillers in the United States. Chiller inefficiencies cost the industry, government and institutional operators over one billion dollars annually. Efficient monitoring and management can save tens of thousands of dollars per year in energy and maintenance costs.

For more information visit www.EffTec.com.
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