ELUTIONS acquires Wizcon Systems

Acquisition enhances position as Premier Wireless Enterprise Automation company and expands global market presence

September 8, 2006 - TAMPA, Florida and LYON, France - ELUTIONS Inc. today announced that it has completed the acquisition of Supervisor Holdings Ltd, the parent company of Wizcon Systems with offices in France, the Netherlands and the UK. "As the premier wireless enterprise automation company, we're excited about the benefits of this acquisition to our customers and the advancement of wireless control and monitoring technologies," said Dan Collins, co-founder of ELUTIONS. "We will now be better able to provide global solutions that help our customers dramatically reduce energy costs and optimize the performance and utilization of their fixed and mobile assets."

ELUTIONS and Wizcon Systems have been working together since January 2006, helping companies optimize their asset management, reduce their energy costs and improve their workforce productivity. "Our corporate-wide business-process driven automation solutions, using our innovative wireless technologies and Enterprise Web Services platforms, have for years helped our customers' operational and financial performance," said Chris Guers, President and CEO of ELUTIONS Europe and former President of Wizcon Systems. "We are thrilled to be part of ELUTIONS and eager to provide our customers with both of our award-winning product lines and forthcoming innovations that will revolutionize the industry," he said.

Leveraging Technology and Market Strengths
ELUTIONS will leverage worldwide its many established US customer references and deployments and will provide end-to-end solutions for enterprise customers in Telecommunications, Asset Management, Fleet Management and Transportation, Retail and Commercial, Utilities and Energy, Government and Public Safety, and Manufacturing markets.

The company's solution offering includes 3 levels of Automation:
1. Enterprise level to optimize corporate-wide business processes;
2. Intermediary Automation/Supervisory level using Web-based software for site-wide management and control; and
3. Field Device Control level via rugged modems, modem-controllers and telemetry for unit operations and fixed or mobile assets.

"ELUTIONS' Asset Location and Exception Reporting Tool (ALERT), Active Energy Manager (AEM) and its full line of wireless M2M modems and routers coupled with the Wizcon Supervisor software suite now enable us to provide 360-degree wireless enterprise automation technology solutions to key vertical markets and empower our customers' business process improvement initiatives," said Collins.

"ELUTIONS has outstanding Enterprise technologies and end-to-end high-value solutions, with hundreds of deployed customers, and great employees. Wizcon Systems has a growing number of quality partners, an established brand, a reputation for technology excellence and a committed team. We will leverage these valuable assets for the benefit of our customers, partners, employees and shareholders," stated Guers.

ELUTIONS Inc. is the premier provider of wireless enterprise automation solutions, which help companies dramatically improve their asset performance, energy usage, and workforce productivity. ELUTIONS is headquartered in Tampa, Florida, and is a provider of real-time wide area solutions used by retail, commercial, government, and industrial companies worldwide. These solutions enable monitoring and control of fixed and mobile assets, machinery, and workflows through the use of advanced technologies comprising communications-enabled end-devices, wireless backhaul services and enterprise / ASP hosted applications.

About Wizcon Systems
Since 1988, the Wizcon family of products has been helping companies satisfy their complete control and command needs. The Wizcon Supervisor suite (previously known as Axeda Supervisor) is a complete, open software solution for supervisory, control and data acquisition (SCADA) requirements, boasting the industry's broadest connectivity to legacy and new automation networked devices, and technology excellence in Web-enabled applications. It is used in diverse markets such as Building Automation and Facility Management, Cooling & Refrigeration, Water & Waste, Large Infrastructures and Transportation, Industrial Automation and Machine Builders. Wizcon Systems is headquartered in Lyon, France, and has sold over 45,000 licenses of Wizcon. Some of the world's most highly-regarded businesses depend on its mission-critical solutions every day, around the globe.
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