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Ember's Adrian Tuck joins Tendril as CEO

Tuck’s Work in Leading Ember Corporation’s Market Strategy Helped Found the Wireless Sensor and Control Network Industry

Denver – August 8, 2006 – Tendril, the leader in network operations platform software for developing and deploying Wireless Sensor and Control Networks (WSCN), announced today that one of the most widely respected figures in the wireless sensor network industry, Adrian Tuck, has joined the company as Tendril’s new CEO. His appointment comes at a key juncture for the company, as it turns the corner from early product development and customer validation to full-scale sales and marketing expansion due to the overall growth of the industry. Tendril Founder Tim Enwall, who has served as CEO since the company was established in 2004, will assume the position of Chairman and Chief Operating Officer. Tuck was most recently a member of the Executive Team at Ember Corporation, a leader in the ZigBee space. During his tenure with Ember, Tuck guided market strategy for the company as both Interim CEO and Executive Vice President through its critical early-growth stage, and he was responsible for identifying and closing a major strategic deal with STMicroelectronics, the first in a series of important alliances with micro-controller manufacturers.

“It is a true pleasure to welcome Adrian Tuck to the Tendril team. Adrian is a pivotal figure in the Ember success story, having positioned the company for growth through his guidance and execution of the company’s go-to-market strategy. Adrian essentially founded the Wireless Sensory and Control Network industry with Ember five years ago and, as such, Adrian is the ideal person to guide Tendril as we take advantage of the sizable market opportunity for our ground-breaking deployment solution for WSCN,” said Tim Enwall, Founder, Chairman and COO of Tendril. “As CEO, Adrian will focus on driving expansion of Tendril’s customer base through multiple channels, including alliances with other leading companies in the WSCN industry. Adrian has been personally responsible for a majority of the current production wins across the entire industry including Siemens, Schneider, Control4, Philips and SK Telecom, to name a few of the higher profile wins. Adrian ’s experience and strategic guidance will be an invaluable asset during this important period in Tendril’s success.”

“The majority of companies in this space to date have been focused on the development of the underlying technology, such as cheaper, lower-power silicon and ZigBee compliant network stacks. What excites me about Tendril is that we are the first company with a shipping product that addresses the challenges being experienced by those at the vanguard of deploying these networks,” said Adrian Tuck, CEO of Tendril. “Tendril’s software is the first solution that addresses key issues such as managing network performance, diagnostics, security, power management, network commissioning, enterprise integration, and many others – making it an essential technology for companies that are deploying WSCN.”

Today Tendril is also announcing that the company has completed a Series B round of venture funding with a total value of $5.25 million to support the company’s continued growth. To read the full news release about this round of funding, visit www.tendrilinc.com.

Tendril’s distributed platform allows organizations to fully leverage the power of WSCN implementations that integrate different types of low-power sensors/actuators with networked computing systems. Tendril’s technology accomplishes this by providing an integrated enterprise-side and node-side programming interface, along with associated network bridging software, for monitoring, managing, and integrating wireless sensor and control networks. Tendril’s approach allows OEMs to integrate wireless networking capabilities into their products in less than a week and provides system integrators with the ability to quickly add well-monitored WSCN to deployments in the field.

Adrian Tuck was the first member of Ember’s business team, joining the company in 2001, and he has been a member of its executive team during its rise to market leader in the embedded wireless field, where Ember currently has more than 75 percent market share. Prior to joining Ember, Tuck was President of U.S. Operations and VP of Marketing for Soft-ex, a call accounting software manufacturer that Tuck successfully helped reposition as a high-end enterprise software and services company. Before his leadership position at Soft-ex, Tuck was an executive at Connect Communications Group, serving most recently as VP of Business Development & Marketing. Tuck began his career in the British Army where he was a highly decorated officer who led troops in various parts of the globe including Desert Storm. Tuck was educated at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, the British Army’s prestigious officer training academy, graduating near the top of his class.

About Tendril
Tendril is at the forefront of the “Internet of Things” – the next big stage of computing – which allows organizations to interact with the physical world in areas where computing has previously been cost-prohibitive. To achieve its vision, Tendril is leading the expansion of the Wireless Sensor and Control Networks category by developing a network operations platform for product OEMs and Integrators to integrate low-power wireless into their products and services in days, not months. This groundbreaking technology includes the first system software product of its kind to sit on top of a variety of low-power wireless sensor and control networks – including ZigBee, 802.15.4 and proprietary 802.15.4-based networks – offering a distributed platform for monitoring, managing and integrating previously non-computerized activities related to buildings, factories, cities, crops, homes and other objects in the physical world.
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