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Emerson Engineers from Europe and India Certified by TÜV

October 282005
Emerson Engineers from Europe and India Certified by TÜV
After two rounds of audits, the TÜV organization has certified that the engineering work done in Europe and India by Emerson’s safety instrumented systems engineers meets the requirements of the IEC 61511 global standard for functional safety in the process industries. The certificates were presented to Emerson’s Phill Turner by TÜV’s Josef Neuman on September 25th.

This certification applies to all DeltaV safety instrumented system work done by Emerson’s SIS engineers for projects anywhere in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. It also completes the first of three phases of certification of Emerson’s engineering procedures and personnel by the TÜV organization, after which all Emerson safety instrumented systems projects will meet the IEC 61511 standard. The final phase of this process is scheduled for later this year. Emerson’s European engineering group is the first in the world to meet the IEC 61511 standard.

“We determined at the outset of our SIS program that we would have one standard, worldwide for our engineering groups working on safety instrumentation systems,” said Roger Freeman, vice president of the project management office. “Today all of our engineers follow the same IEC 61511 standards that were certified in Europe. We are gratified that our European group is the first group of engineers anywhere to officially meet the new 61511 standard.”

DeltaV SIS is the heart of Emerson’s PlantWeb architecture which offers automated safety loop testing and other capabilities that minimize personnel exposure to hazardous areas and increase system availability, while reducing life-cycle costs and easing regulatory compliance. This smart SIS approach uses the same engineering tools and operator interfaces as Emerson’s DeltaV digital automation system, enabling the viewing of safety system information from any operator screen.

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