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Emerson’s Zone 1 & 2 Remote I/O Reduces Project Installation Cost

September 222005
Emerson’s Zone 1 & 2 Remote I/O Reduces Project Installation Cost
Emerson’s DeltaV Remote I/O is now available for applications in Zone 1 and Zone 2 applications or Class 1, Division 2 applications. The Zone 2 scanner addresses up to eight discrete or analog I/O cards which can be targeted to one of four controllers for additional flexibility. The Zone 1 scanner works with up to four new intrinsically safe I/O cards that have both inputs and outputs on each card.

A DeltaV system can have up to 60 remote I/O scanners and any controller can have up to 16 modules associated with it. Analog I/O cards are all equipped with full HART pass through capability. Foundation fieldbus cards are slated for later release. Communications between remote I/O and controllers is via standard redundant Ethernet communications.

"The goal for our new remote I/O scanners is to drive down our customers’ total life cycle costs ensuring easy installation and maintenance," said Gary Law, DeltaV product manager. "Our I/O modules are 'plug and play' requiring no dip switch settings or user configuration effort. And unlike other remote I/O solutions, the I/O can connect with different controllers on the control network." Zone 1 I/O modules can also be used in Zone 2 applications where customers want intrinsically safe field circuits.

The new I/O modules are designed so that separate I/O cards can be replaced in the field without shutting down the module. The Zone 1 I/O is equipped with two certified energy limiting fiber optic communications ports. The Zone 1 I/O also uses a patented approach to intrinsic safety that involves a combination of safety technologies for additional security. Time stamping and control strategies are maintained in the controllers. The Zone 2 I/O scanners are marine certified making them ideal choices for offshore oil and gas production platforms and FPSOs.

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