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Empire Magnetics--Stepper Motors for Abrasive Dust Environments

Empire Magnetics--Stepper Motors for Abrasive Dust Environments
ROHNERT PARK, CA -- Empire Magnetics introduces Abrasive Dustproof Stepper Motors. These motors have been designed to overcome the challenges of abrasive dust such as grinding debris, carbide powder, glass particles and mineral components that destroy seals and bearings, causing motors to fail. They are available in industry standard 23, 34 and 42 frame sizes.

These motors are pressure rated to 15 psi to lock out contamination. Features include O ring seals to eliminate dust leaks at potential penetration points, housing seals with a shaft slinger and seal to prevent abrasive dust from entering the bearing and motor insulation for operation at 145-degrees C.

Abrasive Dustproof motors are currently being utilized in a number of applications, including fiber optics manufacturing, carbide tool manufacturing, and as part of a powdered metal forming press, among others.

Empire Magnetics is a leading supplier of specialty motor products, motion control systems and support services to a variety of North American and international manufacturers.

For more information visit www.empiremagnetics.com, or contact Empire Magnetics, Inc., 5780B LaBath Ave., P.O. Box 1908, Rohnert Park, CA 94928; phone: (707) 584-2801; fax: (707) 584-3418; email: [email protected].
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