EMS Releases HS500E Integrated RFID Antenna/Reader

July 292005
SCOTTS VALLEY, CA, July 2005 — Escort Memory Systems, a global leader in providing industrial RFID (radio frequency identification) solutions, today announced the immediate introduction and immediate availability of the HS500E integrated RFID antenna/reader. The HS500E is the first industrial RFID integrated antenna/reader offering single point, high speed access to industrial and commercial broadband networks.

‘Escort Memory Systems is famous for setting the pace for industrial RFID. With our HS500E, long time users of our systems will quickly integrate RFID into their broadband industrial networks while continuing to use their large memory capacity HS series tags. The HS500E enables customers to read or write up to 32 kilobytes of data onto their RFID tags in seconds. We are committed to supporting our long time customer base with upgrade paths incorporating state-of-the-art connectivity.’ says Luciano Mattioli, President, Escort Memory Systems.

The HS500E supports three high speed protocols: Ethernet TCP/IP, Ethernet IP and Modbus TCP. Most of the world’s industrial customers use one of these communication standards when moving to high speed, broadband networks. This product works with the HS series of 32 kilobyte active tags. The combination of the HS500E with the HS tags allows up to 4.4 inches (111 mm) of read / write range and a have tag battery life of over five years in a heavy-use industrial environment.

The compact size, 4.72” (120mm) by 2.58” (65mm), makes the HS500E ideal for fitting into tight spaces. Four large LED's indicate connection, power, bus and errors.

The HS series of products are designed for closed-loop applications requiring a tag capable of carrying large amounts of data such as routing or other process information that can be updated as a part moves through the line. The environments often are challenging automotive assembly lines or other heavy industrial settings. Tags can be read and written to in any orientation relative to the HS500E integrated antenna/reader insuring a high level of data transfer integrity.

About Escort Memory Systems
Escort Memory Systems, part of Datalogic Group, delivers rugged, industrial RFID solutions to leading companies worldwide. Recognized for high performance, highly connected and rugged RFID hardware that sets the standard for industrial RFID within the automotive, pharmaceutical, electronic and other demanding industrial settings.

For more information, visit www.ems-rfid.com.
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