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Endress+Hauser Announces Smart Radar Level Gauge

November 012005
Greenwood, Indiana - Endress+Hauser, Inc. announces the Micropilot M smart radar level gauge, which is used for continuous, non-contacting level measurement of liquids, pastes, and slurries. This level gauge is also applicable in buffer and process tanks as well as storage tanks, stilling wells, and bypass pipes. The Micropilot M is an ideal replacement for hydrostatic devices in troublesome applications, especially for measurement of beverages, additives, syrups, aseptic storage, and filler bowls since the measurement is unaffected by changing media, temperature, and gas blankets, or vapors. The non-contacting measurement allows measured values to be almost independent of product properties yielding extremely accurate results.

The two-wire, loop-powered level gauge reduces wiring costs and installs easily into existing systems reducing start-up time and costs. Operation of the Micropilot M is made easy by the alphanumeric display on-site, and the PC operating software (Time-of-Flight) that comes standard allows for easy commissioning, documentation, and maintenance.

The sanitary design of the Micropilot M allows it to be cleaned through clean-in-place (CIP) and sterilize-in-place (SIP) processes. The device does not have to be removed from the tank during CIP/SIP cleaning and allows fully automated processes without human interaction.

Two frequency ranges (6 GHz with the FMR 230/231version, and 26GHz with the FMR 240/244/245 version) ensure that the right frequency will be used for each application protecting the safety of personnel and the plant. The Micropilot M is suitable for process temperatures up to 390°F (200°C) and up to 750°F (400°C) with a high-temperature antenna.

The rod antenna with an inactive length comes standard with the Micropilot M and ensures reliable measurement in narrow nozzles with condensation build-up in the nozzle. Digital communication is possible via HART®, Profibus-PA, or Foundation Fieldbus protocols.

The Micropilot M is part of the ToF family of products Endress+Hauser, Inc. has to offer. We have the know-how in level applications from decades of pioneering level measuring technologies. Choose the Micropilot M (radar), Prosonic M (ultrasonic), or the Levelflex M (guided radar) to best suit the application and budget.

For more information, Request Endress+Hauser Product Literature, visit their website at www.us.endress.com or call 888-ENDRESS.
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