Endress+Hauser, Inc--New Radar Level Gauge Features Improved Accuracy, Reliability, and Setup/Diagnostics Tools

Endress+Hauser, Inc--New Radar Level Gauge Features Improved Accuracy, Reliability, and Setup/Diagnostics Tools
November 21, 2001, Greenwood, Indiana – As part of the second generation of loop-powered radar level gauges from Endress+Hauser, Micropilot M brings improved performance and safety to users in a wide range of industries. The device achieves better overall accuracy and improved reliability when compared to other radar level gauges on the market.

Two different operating frequencies of approximately 6 GHz and 26 GHz provide the optimum level measurement solution, depending on specific application requirements. The instrument’s reliability is enhanced by the implementation of unique algorithms that provide real information on the radar gauge status, regardless of operating conditions. For example, if the signal is lost with some radar gauges, the output is placed on hold, resulting in a misrepresentation of the real tank level, and creating the risk of an overspill.

A gas-tight, welded glass seal provides a unique “line of defense” for the radar gauges. Therefore, if an unforeseen mechanical failure occurs in the antenna, gases and product are contained within the seal and cannot escape into the electronic housing or atmosphere. This feature protects plant personnel and the environment at all times, especially when dealing with lethal services.

Through menu-based operation, Micropilot M is simple to setup from the keypad. The display provides clear and simple text with menu-guided setup and easy to read status messages. Alternatively, setup and diagnostics can be done via a windows-based PC operating software and interface. Clear graphic images make setup with the Micropilot M as simple as clicking a mouse – even from a remote location. The operating tool also allows users to see and perform a full analysis of the radar gauge signal. Communications capabilities include Foundation Fieldbus, HART®, and Profibus-PA.
As many industry experts look to loop-powered radar technology as the ultimate continuous level solution, Micropilot M emerges on the scene as a radar level gauge that is well-suited for all industries including chemical, petroleum, food, pharmaceutical, water, and wastewater. Challenging process conditions involving temperature, pressure, and vapor layers will not impede the performance of loop-powered radar technology.

When compared to some other technologies the cost of a radar level gauge may seem slightly higher. But, with Micropilot M there are never any maintenance requirements and installation is simple, leading to a lower overall cost of ownership.

Endress+Hauser offers the broadest range of measurement technologies available from any one supplier in the world. Whether for level, pressure, volume or mass flow, density, temperature, or liquid analysis, Endress+Hauser can provide a single source for measurement solutions designed to suit our customers’ application conditions. In addition, Endress+Hauser offers a complete line of process recorders and indicators. U.S. facilities are located in Greenwood, Indiana, with international headquarters in Reinach, Switzerland.

For more information about the Micropilot M, visit our web-site at www.us.endress.com, or call us toll-free at 1-800-428-4344.
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