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Endress+Hauser signs Vector as Houston rep

March 17, 2013—Vector Controls and Automation Group and Endress+Hauser will be teaming up to provide their customers with a single-source supplier for all sales, service and solutions in all markets and industries across the greater Houston area. This is in addition to Vector CAG’s coverage throughout Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, New Mexico, and portions of Illinois, Arkansas and Texas.

“As our guiding success principal, we feel it is important that we continue to develop long-term, exclusive and intensely more aligned relationships with our key suppliers such as Endress+Hauser,” says Jared Boudreaux, President, Vector CAG. “We are very excited for this opportunity that our Endress+Hauser partner has entrusted with Vector CAG.”

This strategic realignment between Endress+Hauser and Vector CAG means an unrivaled offering of products, services and solutions for their customers across all industries including oil and gas (upstream, midstream and downstream), chemical/petrochemical, food and beverage, water/wastewater, primaries and metals, life sciences, power and energy.

Through offering a diversified portfolio, Vector CAG can provide its customers with a single, trusted advisor to solve any problems they are facing in any application, market or industry. This also means additional capabilities are available to support customers’ service needs.

“Endress+Hauser strongly believes in order for our organization to thrive and be successful in the local markets we serve, we must continue to over-proportionally invest in our representatives,” says Kevin Bischoping, Vice President of Sales, Endress+Hauser. “Vector has done an outstanding job since their inception by continuing their success in serving our customers and they are well equipped to take on this additional challenge.”

Vector CAG – Houston’s largest manufacturer representative of specialized industrial equipment – is dedicated to delivering the highest quality instrumentation, automation, mechanical and analytical offerings as well as turnkey solutions and services to its customers.

Endress+Hauser is a global supplier of process instrumentation for the measurement of level, flow, pressure, temperature and liquid analysis. In addition to products, Endress+Hauser offers services and solutions tailored to meet customer specific requirements.


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